Natural Immunity to COVID-19 May Last a Lifetime, New Studies Show

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Natural immunity to COVID may last a lifetime, new studies show

People who have caught Covid could be naturally immune from the virus for a lifetime, according to new studies.

A study published in Nature showed that antibody-producing cells located in a person’s bone marrow keep ‘memories’ of the virus for years after it’s gone.

Results suggest that people who recovered from Covid, and were then immunised, would not need booster shots further down the line. reports: Another study, published on research site BioRxiv, found that memory immune cells can strengthen for at least 12 months after someone has been infected with coronavirus.

Both pieces of research will be positive news to countries that are rapidly immunising their population, as it suggests that, barring any new variants, populations will retain their immunity for some time.

There had been fears that Covid would be similar to the common cold, which are also caused by coronaviruses, and that people would continue to get infected with Covid in a similar way.

But immunologists have said that the data emerging from studies so far is encouraging, and that memory ‘B’ cells produced in response to an infection and then vaccination are so powerful that they can defeat even variants of the virus – though it is still early days in terms of the pandemic.

‘People who were infected and get vaccinated really have a terrific response, a terrific set of antibodies, because they continue to evolve their antibodies,’ immunologist Michel Nussenzweig told the New York Times.

‘I expect that they will last for a long time.’

However, people who were not initially infected with coronavirus, and solely vaccinated, may not have such a long-lasting immune response due to the way immune memory is organised after infection.

That would mean people who had only been vaccinated might need a booster shot further down the line.

Memory B cells are produced by the body rapidly when a virus is first detected by the immune system – as the infection subsides, the cells reduce in number and migrate to bone marrow, producing a small number of antibodies ready for when the virus next arrives.

Researchers at Washington University, Missouri, looked at blood samples from 77 people infected with coronavirus at three-month intervals, and found that antibodies reduced in the blood after four months – but that they instead were found in bone marrow.

This makes sense, according to immunologists, because if the blood retained antibodies of every virus we’d ever encountered, it would be far too viscous.

But researchers noted that not all infected people had immune cells in their bone marrow, marking the need to get vaccinated – you can’t tell if you retain immune memory from a single coronavirus infection.

However, for participants that did have B cells in their bone marrow, the population of cells stayed stable over a four month period – encouraging for long-term immunity.


  1. Course They arent smarter than the human body and it’s only really them studying how to make people sick that makes Big Pharma so rich and so powerful All from human sacrifice, pain and suffering Their favourite things Always .

    • I believe I’ll rely on these natural antibodies I got kickin, and not worry about their jab. Something about wanting to be around for the last battle, makes me not trust them. #jabberwokies

  2. So if you are younger than 50, pray you get Covid-19, so that when you are over 50 you will be protected without needing the vaccine. Will taking the Vaccine reduce your chances of contracting Covid-19? If so, then wouldn’t taking the vaccine be detrimental to people under the age of 50, at least for the year the antibodies are in their system? If not, then taking the vaccine will reduce a person’s symptoms for one year, reducing their risk of death.

    • The vaccines destroy you immune system. they don’t help anything, but getting you sick.

      • Howdy Josey Whales. I agree. The evidence available since February 25, 2022 indicates that it is better to rely on alternative treatment protocols both before and after you get exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and contract Covid-19. The information and guidance coming out of the government, I’m sorry to say, can best be described as a Chinese Fire Drill. I can give you specific information if you want. That the government has been forcing the vaccine on everyone and denigrating alternative treatment protocols is nothing less than mass murder.

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