New ISIS Video, 2 Japanese Hostages – Another Fake Video?

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ISIS demand $200 million in new video “or else” 

A new video by ISIS features 2 Japanese hostages who have been identified as Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa. In the video the masked executioner demands that the Japanese government pay $200 million in exchange for the prisoners release.  Japan has 72 hours since the release of the video to comply with the demands.

Controversy around authenticity of video – Another fake ISIS video shot in a studio?

A Turkish website today reported a strange anomaly on the video. If you take a look at a screen-capture of the video below:


On the prisoners faces the shadows fall at difference angles. The man on the left has a shadow that falls to his left side and the guy on the right has a shadow that falls to the right.

One explanation is that the video was filmed in a studio and therefore the studio lights cast unnatural shadows on the subjects faces.

We will keep you updated with analysis of the video and its authenticity as we find out more. reports:

Another move that theoretically could change things would be if Japan’s government halts its alliance with those fighting ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State. Tokyo hasn’t participated in airstrikes aimed at the Islamist extremist group, though its leaders have supported those who have, as well as the Iraqi government.

“Although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the Islamic State, you willingly volunteered to take part in this crusade,” the masked man on the video posted Tuesday says, addressing his comments to Abe.

But Abe, who is currently visiting the Middle East, didn’t seem about to bargain Tuesday.

He stood by a pledge, made in a speech Sunday in Cairo, for funding to help build “human capacities, infrastructure and so on” for those affected by ISIS’ armed campaign.

“The pledge aid is very important to the refugees in need and has nothing to do with the Islamic communities or the radical militants,” the Prime Minister said. “… We will contribute to the (region’s) peace and stability, in cooperation with the global community.”

As to the ISIS threat against two of his nation’s citizens, Abe called it “unacceptable.”

“I feel angry about it,” he said. “I strongly urge them to immediately release the hostages without harming them.”

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