Nipsey Hussle, Rapper Making Film About Holistic Doctor’s Death, Shot Dead

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Grammy nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was producing a film about the life and death of Dr. Sebi, has been shot dead in Los Angeles.

Nipsy Hussle, the popular rapper who vowed to expose Big Pharma and was responsible for educating generations of young people about the series of holistic doctor deaths, has been shot dead in Los Angeles. He was 33.

The Grammy nominated rapper had recently announced he was producing an investigative documentary into the life and death of Dr. Sebi, the legendary holistic doctor, who died in suspicious circumstances in 2016 after making powerful enemies in the world of Big Pharma.


HealthNutNews reports:

Sadly, many people have never heard of Dr. Sebi, the herbalist, biologist, and healer. In fact, after his death, there was a media blackout regarding many important aspects of his life and work, including the fact that he had proved in a US court that he had found a cure for cancer and AIDS.

The extraordinary cover-up wasn’t lost on Nipsey Hussle, however, and he decided to make a documentary about the popular healer and his enemies in Big Pharma.

This documentary may now never be released since Hussle, a husband and father, was gunned down outside his shop in Los Angeles on March 31, joining the long list of Big Pharma critics who have died in recent years.

There’s speculation that Hussle’s involvement with the Dr. Sebi documentary, possibly getting close to a revelation meant to stay hidden, was a factor in his murder. The documentary, which is said to follow the 1985 court trial in which Dr. Sebi proved he had a cure for AIDS, allegedly contained evidence that the government assisted in Dr. Sebi’s death.

Here’s what you need to know about Hussle’s Dr. Sebi documentary:

1. Hussle Believed Dr. Sebi’s Story was a ‘Powerful Narrative’

During a radio interview with The Breakfast Club Sebi said, “I am working on doing doc on the trial in 1985. When Dr. Sebi went to trial in New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS. He beat the case. Then he went to federal court the next day, and he beat that case. But nobody talks about it.”

As to why he felt the need to go through the lengths of making a documentary film about him Hussle said, “I think the story is important. It’s a powerful narrative. Like if someone in this room said, ‘Hey, I cured AIDS.’ I’d be like yeah, right. And then I can show you an example of him going to trial and proving in court he proved AIDS, I’d be interested in it. More so than championing his products or explaining his methodology. Put some light on that case.”

2. Dr. Sebi Believed He Found the Cure for AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, and Blindness

While he was not a licensed physician, he built a huge following for his all natural remedies, formulas, tonics, and supplements. He believed that food was alkaline for the body, and that dead foods killed the body’s ability to heal itself.

Therefore, he recommended a strict vegan diet, and cut out all foods he considered to be toxic: alcohol, sugar, iodized salt, meat, poultry, seafood. Once those foods were replaced with fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy grains and nut butter, he believed the body would earn back its natural healing powers. By following this regimented diet (though it was NOT that simple)  he believed he has found the cure to cancer, AIDS, diabetes and blindness.

3. Dr. Sebi Proved in Court That He Cured AIDS, But No One Cared

In 1988, Dr. Sebi bought ads promoting his food diet in the Amsterdam News, the Village Voice, and the New York Post saying that, “AIDS has been cured.” New York state attorney instructed him to take the ads down, claiming he was selling products not approved by the FDA, and practicing medicine without a license.

In court, Dr. Sebi said that he had cured every one of his patients that received his treatment. When the judge asked the natural healer to bring in one patient as evidence, Dr. Sebi provided 77 healed patients to the court, and he won the case. Fair and square.

However, this accomplishment was never celebrated or honored. The late pop star Michael Jackson, who was also one of his patients, took him down to Washington D.C. to meet with Black Congressman, but they received zero support for what should’ve been considered the greatest medical break though of the 20th century.

3. There’s Speculation the Government Had Dr. Sebi Killed

At 82-years-old, Dr. Sebi died in Honduras while in police custody and battling health problems from a pneumonia. A few months earlier, Sebi had been arrested at Juan Manuel Gálvez de Roatan Airport for alleged  money laundering..  At the time, he was boarding a plane with his business partner Pablo Medina Gamboa, and ALLEGEDLY had $37,000 cash in his suitcase. After being released a few days later, Sebi was once again arrested by the Public Ministerio, Honduras’ equivalent of the FBI for money laundering, and remained in prison until he died en route to the hospital.

His friend did a video, who visited him in prison, that the “food” they fed him was not even fit for a dog, and he was left in cold bare cells with water standing on the floor no herbs, and some speculated they put drugs in his food.

“When asked why people killed the holistic doctor?” Hussle said. “Why do they kill al holistic doctors? You’re messing up the medical industry. You’re shortstopping his grind. They checking billions. You’re playing with some pharmaceutical money.”

4. Dr. Sebi Had Numerous Famous Patients

His roster of clients included Michael Jackson, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, John Travolta and Eddie Murphy, and because Dr. Sebi was paid handsomely for his services, it makes sense as to why he had so much cash on him while traveling between services. Dr. Sebi’s family, which includes 17 children, were not able to get him out of jail. After his second arrest, no court date was scheduled and his bail was never set.

Considering his high profile clients, and winning in court that he had the cure to the world’s most deadly diseases, it’s a wonder as to why this court case didn’t blow the minds of every journalist, that he wasn’t honored with the Nobel Prize, or have a monument dedicated to him in the nation’s capital. Somehow, Dr. Sebi merely continued on in life until his arrest in Honduras.

5. The  Theory Connecting Dr. Sebi to Nipsey Hussle

The theories surrounding Dr. Sebi’s arrest and eventual death stem from the fact that if his cure was correct, he would’ve bankrupted the medical community. As they say, there’s no money in a cure; there’s money in sickness. And if the answer/cure is merely living a strictly healthy lifestyle, that also kills the entire diet pill and exercise community.

Also of note, for someone who was so healthy, and abided by his own regimen of natural foods and supplements, he only contracted pneumonia after he was in custody. Before his second arrest in June 2016, he was perfectly fine.

If Hussle’s documentary caught fire, like HBO’s Leaving Neverland or Netflix’s Ted Bundy series, the medical community would have a lot of negative press and millions of wrongful death lawsuits. Medical company CEOs would likely be sent to prison, as well as many government officials.

The fallout, if everything surrounding Dr. Sebi is indeed true, would be a watershed moment in history.

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