Not Wearing A Face Masks Is Like Having A Period Without Wearing Pants Says Patricia Arquette

Fact checked

Hollywood actress and vocal anti-Trump activistst Patricia Arquette has compared not wearing a face mask in a grocery store to having a “free flow” period without wearing pants.

During a Twitter spat with the hip-hop artist and commentator known as An0maly, Arquette said that his desire to go shopping without wearing a face mask ‘muzzle’ would be the same as her going shopping while menstruating in plain view of everyone.

In a sarcastic tweet she said: “I like to go without pants when I have my period and free flow without being muzzled. Which markets can I go buy food for my family that won’t harass me? Freedom!”

Breitbart reports: When An0maly pointed out that masks penalize healthy people, the Boyhood actress added: “I’m healthy and my period blood is too so you can just pick your food next to my blood smears.”