Not Wearing A Face Masks Is Like Having A Period Without Wearing Pants Says Patricia Arquette

Fact checked

Hollywood actress and vocal anti-Trump activistst Patricia Arquette has compared not wearing a face mask in a grocery store to having a “free flow” period without wearing pants.

During a Twitter spat with the hip-hop artist and commentator known as An0maly, Arquette said that his desire to go shopping without wearing a face mask ‘muzzle’ would be the same as her going shopping while menstruating in plain view of everyone.

In a sarcastic tweet she said: “I like to go without pants when I have my period and free flow without being muzzled. Which markets can I go buy food for my family that won’t harass me? Freedom!”

Breitbart reports: When An0maly pointed out that masks penalize healthy people, the Boyhood actress added: “I’m healthy and my period blood is too so you can just pick your food next to my blood smears.”


  1. Patricia Baby, you haven’t had a period in at least ten years, which begs the question what is flowing out of your vagina…and I believe the answer is feminist venom!

  2. Astonishing how fucking stupid leftie females are. The gap between their ears is as big as the one between their legs.

    • For the most part, women are very easily brainwashed. Look at how they misunderstood racial equality: instead of treating blacks fairly, they marry em. Now we have a generation with a high percentage of mixed raced youngsters with no true sense of identity.

      • Very true, that really pi$$es me off. Willfully watering down the white race. Notice how almost all of the TV commercials push that BS as if it’s normal? Once you go black, we don’t want you back.

  3. I miss the days when women had manners. Most of the ones I come in contact with casually swear like longshoremen.

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