ER Nurse Drops Kanye West ‘MK Ultra’ Truth Bomb

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Kanye West was "forcibly hospitalized, drugged, and reprogrammed as a Monarch mind controlled slave", according to an ER nurse.

After Kanye West began exposing truth about the elites who run the world, he was “forcibly hospitalized, drugged, and reprogrammed as a Monarch mind controlled slave“, according to an ER nurse who assisted with the procedure.

Kanye is a Monarch mind controlled slave. It’s a trauma based mind control. They split his personality into fragments. He has twenty-six distinct personalities now. They have names,” said the ER nurse, who worked at the Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA while Kanye West was hospitalized last year.

Kanye was officially diagnosed with ‘dissociative identity disorder’ by a psychiatrist, but in reality his personality was split deliberately and repeatedly at the Ronald Regan Medical Center using the Monarch techniques devised by Mengele.”

Mind control research began during World War II, pioneered by Dr Josef Mengele, a ruthless Nazi known for his psychological torture experiments. His life’s work involved analyzing the maximum amount of physical, psychological and spiritual pain that a human was able to bear, and the minimum amount of love required for survival.

Dr Josef’s goal was to discover methods for controlling individuals and making them do things they would never do by their own free will, and these techniques have been used on Kanye West, according to the ER nurse.

They thought Kanye was a threat, and we had to neutralize him. He was drugged and tortured until he became compliant. He now has trigger words that will induce a certain response in him. I can’t say the words here, it wouldn’t be fair to him, but there are words and sounds that trigger different personalities within him to come to the surface. He can now be easily controlled and manipulated by his handlers.

The ER nurse claims to have performed Dr Mengele’s techniques for mind control on a number of high-profile celebrities from the entertainment industry.

It’s cruel but it works. It creates slaves. If you want to control someone, there is nothing better.”

Known as the ‘Angel of Death’, Dr Josef Mengele’s cruel MK Ultra mind control techniques are being used to manipulate celebrities.

Dr Mengele and the Nazis pioneered the science of creating obedient slaves, and after the war President Harry S. Truman recognized the advanced work done in the field of mind control by the Nazis and bought their most important scientists from the divisions of rocket research and mind control into the US under the name Operation Paperclip.

Truman gave them high positions in science and military. Armed with ever improving technology they continued developing the industry of mind control research. 50 years later, many high profile entertainers and celebrities are mind controlled slaves, programmed to further the agenda of the Illuminati and their plan to usher in a New World Order.

According to the ER nurse, Kanye West’s story is common. He was once a dissident, raging against the elite. After being hospitalized against his will at the Ronald Regan Medical Center, he is now a shadow of his former self – a mind controlled slave, working for the agenda of the elite he once worked to expose.

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