NYC Is Converting Soccer Fields On Randall’s Island Park Into Migrant Mega Shelter

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The public park on Randall’s Island is about to lose its soccer fields as the city converts the area to another shelter to house up to 2,000 illegal migrants.

Construction of the new migrant mega shleter is already under way.

Residents are quite rightly fuming. Only last week Mayor Eric Adams had announced that the city was also considering housing illegal immigrants in Central Park. Meanwhile Brooklyn has opened a shelter in a popular neighborhood park.

Gothamist reports: New York City will open a shelter for migrants on Randall’s Island — some nine months after officials closed a similar center that housed asylum seekers in the East River park, Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday.

Adams said the new space will house roughly 2,000 adult asylum seekers. Officials said the new site will open in the coming weeks, along with two other new relief centers in other parts of the city.

“As the number of asylum seekers in our care continues to grow by hundreds every day, stretching our system to its breaking point and beyond, it has become more and more of a Herculean effort to find enough beds every night,” Adams said.

City officials said there are now more than 57,200 migrants under the city’s care.

Here’s a video report:

As TGP points out, Families with kids are the biggest losers in this story.

Can you even imagine what the city is going to look like in a year?
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