Ottawa Police Chief: “Every Single Canadian Who Supported Truckers Will Be Hunted Down and Ruined”

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Interim Ottawa police chief vows to hunt down every single Canadian who supported the truckers

Ottawa’s interim police chief Steve Bell has warned Canadian citizens that anybody who supported the peaceful Freedom Convoy will be “hunted down” and “ruined” for the “crime” of speaking out against the government.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” Bell warned on Saturday.

“This investigation will go on for months to come,” he added.

“It has many, many different streams both from a federal financial level, from a provincial licensing level, from a Criminal Code level, from a municipal breach of court order, breach of court injunction level.” reports: Because the protesters will be punished whether they leave or not, now the protesters have no reason to leave.

“So let’s get this straight. Protesters are told to go home. Now they’re told that even if they follow orders of the police and RCMP, it makes no difference. They’ll still be arrested. So, basically, they’re trying to justify arresting anyone they don’t agree with,” one Twitter user noted.

This comes as the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government invoked emergency powers to seize the Freedom Convoy’s bank accounts, including cryptocurrencies, and revoke the protesters’ trucker’s licenses and insurance.

The Canadian authorities led by Trudeau have sent a clear message: if you don’t want a centralized government to put an experimental injection in your body or to control your movements across borders, then you will be hunted down and punished.

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