Parts Of US Border Territory Now Belong To Cartels Says Border Agent

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"It's theirs"

US Mexico border

Much of the territory along the US-Mexico border are under the operational control of the cartels, according to an American border agent.

A Fox news reporter also claimed that “this is a business”: “Illegal migrants are easily crossing right into the US with smiles on their faces. Trying to get away from us. We saw a series of scouts/coyotes ahead of and behind them.”

InfoWars reports: Fox News correspondent Matt Finn explained on X how he encountered a group of illegal aliens in New Mexico that were able to freely traverse an area of Sunland Park with no resistance from the U.S. Border Patrol.

“Unbelievable. A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park, NM just told us a mountain in the United States is ‘not ours’ anymore. ‘It’s theirs.’ Referring to Cartels. We literally spent five minutes on Mt. Cristo Rey and a group of illegals breezed by,” Finn wrote Friday.

“Mind blowing illegal immigration activity again today at Mt. Cristo Rey in New Mexico,” he continued. “Its [sic] swarming with scouts and coyotes, some masked, who are freely and openly transporting groups of illegals. In broad daylight. A business.”

After Finn confronted a group of illegals who climbed through one of the border walls holes, where they demanded he let them cross and accused him of being racist.

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