‘Pay That Money Now’: Transgender Non-Profits Demand Reparations From ‘Straight White Americans’

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A group of taxpayer-funded gender identity non-profits has demanded that society “decolonize the gender binary,” provide “cash reparations” from “straight white Americans” to compensate for years of “slavery” and “genocide” transgender people have allegedly suffered at the hands of society.

The Washington state-based transgender non-profits, all of which work with children and receive public funds, held a presentation series in which trans activists demanded that society affirm “mustaches” and “big dicks” as authentic expressions of womanhood.

According to the groups, the transgender community should receive reparations from straight white Americans because “the process of creating men and women is actually the process of genocide.”

Ganesha Gold Buffalo, a male-to-female transgender sex worker claimed that “colonialism” was the cause of her sleeping problems.

Gold Buffalo also spoke about her dreams for the future.

But it gets even better. Americans should recognize pronouns including “cyborg” and “unicorn”, according to the activists, all of whom are attached to organizations that receive public funding to work with children.

Here is the kicker. To compensate for centuries of oppression, slavery and genocide at the hands of mainstream society, “straight white Americans” should pay the transgender community “cash reparations.

“If you’re white and your parents have a savings account, that is very much so connected to slavery and land theft, pay people…. Pay that money to us now.”

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