Police Confirm London Tube Explosion Was ‘Terrorist Attack’

Fact checked

Authorities have confirmed that an explosion at London’s Parsons Green underground station was a terrorist attack and that several people were injured.

Emergency services are responding to the incident at Parsons Green tube station in West London following an explosion on a train Friday morning

RT reports:

Armed police rushed to an incident on Friday morning after reports of an explosion on a packed rush-hour commuter train. Several people have been injured.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted: “The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command are investigating as Parsons Green tube station is declared a terrorist incident.

“Too early to confirm cause of fire –  now subject to the investigation that is underway.

“Station is cordoned off. Please avoid the area.”

Commuters reported the explosion stemmed from a fire in a bucket, although the contents of the bucket are not known. Images and videos circulating on social media show what appears to be a burning bucket inside a shopping bag on the floor of the train.


  1. Who cares…this is small beans…. wait till you see what is gonna happen next week or two.. get ready to shit your pants

  2. Ohh FFS,…………………………….,, it was a schoolboy prank .. a few kids made a fire is a bucket and put it on a train….BIG FUCKING DEAL GET OVER IT………. THIS IS A FALSE FLAG EXCERCISE./…… when are you stupid humans going to WAKE UP…

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