Police Investigation Reveals Orlando Shooting An ‘Inside Job’

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An ongoing criminal investigation reveals that Omar Mateen is not the 'lone wolf' gunman he is portrayed as, while his employer's links to terrorism plus his father's ties to the CIA and State Department reveal a far reaching cover-up involving those at the highest levels of government and media.

Reports are surfacing that the Omar Mateen was working with multiple co-ordinated accomplices, pointing to the Orlando shooting being an inside job by security agencies, and discrediting the government and mainstream media 'lone wolf' agenda.

Reports are surfacing that Omar Mateen was working with multiple co-ordinated accomplices, pointing to the Orlando shooting being an inside job by security agencies, and discrediting the government and mainstream media ‘lone wolf’ agenda.


Currently the mainstream media has created a narrative. Omar Mateen acted alone when he shot up the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. This “lone wolf” killed over 50 people and maimed 53. That’s a casualty count of over 100.

Even at close quarters, it takes several rounds to kill a person. People are terrible shots. People who are full of adrenaline and have been running are also terrible shots. Witness interviews also indicate that Mateen shot into the ceiling.

How many rounds of ammo did Mateen have, and would that number be enough to take out over 100 people?

To prove this to be true, according to Mike Cernovitch, we will need to have the following evidence:

  • Firearms used (currently rumored to be an AR-15, plus a “handgun”)
  • Each magazine used
  • Casualty count (total dead and wounded)
  • Ballistic report from each victim (how many rounds are in each victim)
  • Pictures of entire structure with bullet holes counted

The firearms used and expended magazines would tell us how many bullets were fired into Pulse and the victims. We would also need to match the ballistic reports to the firearm used to ensure that no other firearm (and thus shooter) was responsible for the deaths of the victims.


Why isn’t the mainstream media even asking for this basic evidence?

We need a count of all bullets found in Pulse to apply some math. Why? Let’s reason this out.

Assuming the shooter had tactical training, he’d be carrying a load bearing vest with 8 fully loaded 30 round magazines, for a total of 9 magazines (one on his weapon). That’s 270 rounds.

AR15 Tactical Rig
AR15 Tactical Rig

Mateen would also have a fully-loaded pistol with an unknown number of magazines. Let’s assume he was using a 9mm handgun, which holds a 15 round magazine, and that he was carrying 4 additional magazines. That’s 75 rounds of 9mm ammo.

In total, Mateen would have had 345 rounds of ammunition.

If you think 345 rounds of ammo is a lot, talk to some soldiers. People are hard to kill.

Also watch this video. You can hear 30 rounds go off in a matter of seconds. Yet somehow the shooter was killing people for 3 hours?

Talk to any soldier. Even at close ranges, that is not much ammo. According to the official story, Mateen averaged 3.45 rounds per casualty. That sort of sheer killing power would make him the envy of even trained special operations soldiers.

If Mateen had over 345 rounds of ammo, where was he holding it?

Some other questions and objections to consider




Multiple witnesses reported seeing multiple shooters

Eyewitness accounts are of course suspect, and we must be aware of hoaxes. Yet the media isn’t even asking questions or doing research.

This survivor says he heard the Mateen call someone and say he was the fourth shooter. He also says Mateen claimed to have a female accomplice in the club wearing an explosive vest.

“There were two others that were in the club slaughtering people last night that were not caught – Eyewitness

Multiple gunmen

This survivor’s testimony corroborates early mainstream media reports of multiple gunmen. Palm Beach Post, a Flordia news outlet, quoted another survivor, Janiel Gonzalez, also claiming there was more than one attacker.

“I’m pretty sure it was more than one person. I heard two guns going at the same time. It was very, very crazy.’

Fifty people were trying to jump over each other trying to exit the place. There was a guy holding the door and not letting us exit. He’s like ‘Stay inside, stay inside.’ As he is saying that, the shooter keeps getting closer and closer and the sound of the bullets is getting closer. Everyone starts to panic. People are getting trampled. Let us out, let us out!’’’

Another survivor, Richard Aiken, 29, spoke to the LA Times and said that the gunman claimed he had an explosive vest, that snipers were positioned around the club, and that he had a female accomplice playing dead among the wounded, armed with explosives.

Given the fact Mateen hired a van to travel to the nightclub – when he could have fitted everything he used for the shooting into a car – his claims to have accomplices need to be taken seriously.

Why would the government and media lie?

All of this has been dutifully ignored by the establishment media. It is the job of The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the corporate media to push the Islamic State and lone wolf narrative (and also the anti-gun agenda). This feeds paranoia and hysteria on the part of the public and provides consensus for the surveillance state, the ongoing war on terror abroad, and the police state at home.

Would the government lie, distort the truth, or even plan an event to advance an agenda? All the media are doing is repeating what the government are telling them.  This is “journalism.”  If you think any thought or analysis has taken place, you are wrong. The media does not ask questions.  They do not even know the questions to ask. How many journalists have ever fired a gun?

There is more to the story than the media is reporting.

Omar’s father Seddiq Mateen after a meeting at the US State Dept. in Washington DC where he met with “officials”, but oddly, no log of his visit is available in the public record.
Omar’s father Seddiq Mateen after a meeting at the US State Dept. in Washington DC where he met with “officials”, but oddly, no log of his visit is available in the public record.

Mateen’s employer, G4S, has some interesting links to previous terrorist events. They even benefit from terrorism, and transport illegal immigrants into the Unites States.

Mateen worked for the British company G4S since 2007. Throughout that time, G4S has been what people might call a private, special operations military outfit. It is said to be three times the size of the British military. In 2012, a G4S employee was charged with making a bomb threat at the Olympics. Similar bomb threats were connected to G4S in 2013 and just last month.

Previously called WAckenhut, G4S provided security at all three airports affected by the 9/11 attacks. Securicor/G4S had bought Argenbright Security—the 9/11 airport security firm—just nine months before the 9/11 attacks.

The company later ran operations at Guantanamo Bay.

These facts suggest that all aspects of the attack, including initial reports of two suspects in the shootings and that someone was holding the door closed to prevent people from escaping, point to the fact the nightclub shooting was a false flag event operated by security services.

US Attorney Lee Bentley has said the authorities are continuing to investigate the Orlando shooting and are looking for other people who may have been involved.

He said: “We’ve been collecting a great amount of electronic and physical evidence, and there is an ongoing criminal investigation that is still in the early stages.“

Given the connections between Mateen and his employer to terrorism, it is time we start asking the logistical questions that will determine if the Orlando shooting could possibly be the simple lone wolf attack we are being told it was, or if there must be more to the narrative.

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