Police Rescue 19 Puppies From ‘Zoophile’ Arrested on Sickening Array of Bestiality Charges

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Police have arrested and charged a man with a sickening array of child abuse and bestiality offenses on Tuesday after receiving a tip-off from an American team tasked with tracking pedophiles.

Australian Federal Police located and seized a mobile phone in Sydney which later revealed files allegedly containing child abuse material, highly explicit conversations about abusing children, and bestiality material, which police will allege was produced by the man.

As a result of the charges, 19 puppies and dogs that had allegedly been kept in cruel conditions and allegedly raped by the man, were also rescued and removed from the property.

The news of the raid comes as a Sydney festival has sparked uproar for describing sex with animals as one of society’s ‘last taboos’ in an advert for a famous professor’s talk about the ‘ethics of bestiality.’ 

Historian and author Joanna Bourke plans to discuss the morals behind ‘humans loving animals’ and ‘zoosexuality’ at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) next month. 

The festival, to be held at Carriageworks in inner-city suburb Redfern next month, has been touted as Australia’s original festival of provocateurs with speakers tasked with ‘holding uncomfortable ideas up to the light’.

The description of Ms Bourke’s controversial session states that while bestiality is ‘generally’ regarded as abhorrent, the subject is still depicted in a number of books, films, plays, paintings and photographs.

The historian plans to present a modern history of sex between humans and animals and will invite audience members to look at the ‘changing meanings’ of bestiality and zoophilia and the ethics of ‘animal loving’.

‘It is only in very recent years that some people have begun to undermine the absolute prohibition on zoosexuality,’ the speaker is quoted on the website. ‘Are their arguments dangerous, perverted or simply wrongheaded?’

The bio for Ms Bourke’s session states that while bestiality is ‘generally’ regarded as abhorrent, the subject is still depicted in a number of books, films, plays, paintings and photographs

Outraged Australians took to social media to lash festival organisers for allowing a presentation they argued was intellectualizing animal abuse. 

The session is advertised for people aged 16 years and over and warns there may be a discussion of adult themes.

‘This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and an absolute disgrace that you are platforming this horror,’ one woman wrote.

‘Intellectualising about the abuse of animals isn’t edgy or cool. It IS abhorrent and anyone who attends this event is an immoral c***,’ another said. 

Others took to Twitter to share their thoughts with the author and event organisers.  

‘This is not about ‘loving animals.’ If you’re going to be heinous at least be honest. This is about abusing animals. Shame on anyone involved in this session,’ one said. 

‘They are conflating having sex with animals with loving them. The first is not only unethical it is illegal,’ they tweeted. 

‘Nope – it is not edgy or cool to intellectualise about abusing animals. It’s not an ‘uncomfortable idea’ that needs a discussion space. What’s next on the agenda? Child abuse?’ another said. 

2GB Radio’s Ben Fordham on Thursday morning said he had forwarded the link to the event to the office of the NSW Minister of the Arts, Ben Franklin.

‘Can I just make this point, animals don’t have a choice in the matter,’ he said.

‘So in a day and age when we focus on the word ‘consent’, I don’t know what the point is of talking about this subject, when at the beginning and the end of the argument, you are talking about an issue of consent, and animals being abused.’

In response to social media backlash, festival organizers acknowledged the presentation handled a ‘sensitive topic’.

‘For more than ten years, the role of the Festival has been to hold space for discussion of ideas that are uncomfortable, and yes sometimes taboo, for the benefit of those interested in and affected by a topic,’ the statement read.

‘FODI does not endorse criminal acts, nor does the Festival support any act of harm towards any person or animal.’ 

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