Pope Francis Speaks Out Against ‘Mob’ In DC in His Sunday Homily

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis has spoken out against the protests in Washington DC.

He urged Americans to shun violence, seek reconciliation and protect democratic values, following the mob attack on the US Capitol building by supporters of President Trump that left five people dead.

In his Sunday address, the Pope said: “I repeat that violence is self-destructive, always. Nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost”

Yet only one month ago the Pope was backing Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests which resulted in numerous deaths and billions in damages across the country.

Yahoo news reports: It was the second time in as many days that the pope, who visited the United States in 2015 when Barrack Obama was president, spoke out on the violence in the Washington, D.C.

Dozens of people have been charged following the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, with the FBI asking the public to help identify participants, given the proliferation of images of the riots on the internet. The five people who died included a police officer.

“I appeal to the authorities of the country and to the entire population to maintain a lofty sense of responsibility in order to calm things down, promote national reconciliation and protect democratic values that are rooted in American society,” Francis said.

He said he wanted to send “an affectionate greeting” to all Americans whose country had been “shaken by the recent siege on Congress”.

Francis also said he was praying for those who died and that all Americans would “keep alive a culture of encounter, a culture of caring, as the master way to build together the common good”.

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