President Trump: Kamala Harris Will Replace Sleepy Joe via 25th Amendment

Fact checked
Trump warns that Kamala Harris could replaced Joe Biden via 25th Amendment

President Trump has warned that if Joe Biden wins the election he will likely step down so that Kamala Harris can become president.

“If he gets elected, three weeks into his presidency, they’ll say, ‘Kamala are you ready? Let’s go,’” Trump warned Michigan voters on Tuesday, referring to the radical left handlers that would control a Biden presidency.

POTUS referred to legislation introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin that would create a commission to evaluate whether the president is fit for office, using the authority of the 25th Amendment.

“That’s why they talk about the 25th Amendment right?” Trump asked the crowd. reports: The president spoke of Biden as a gateway for the left to get President Harris, who is considered much more liberal.

“Three weeks,” Trump predicted. “Three weeks and Joe’s shot. ‘Let’s go Kamala are you ready?’ Most liberal person in the Senate,” he said. “She makes [Sen.] Bernie Sanders [I-VT] look like a serious conservative.”

Trump said his supporters needed to come out strong on Election Day to prevent the presidential swap from happening.

“This will not be; we cannot let it happen; this will not be the first woman president,” he concluded.