Prince Andrew Orders Kevin Spacey to Testify in Pedophile Ring Trial

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Prince Andrew wants Kevin Spacey to testify in his upcoming pedophile ring trial

Prince Andrew has ordered Ghislaine Maxwell’s celebrity friend Kevin Spacey to testify in his upcoming pedophile ring trial, according to reports.

The Duke of York’s legal team wants the Hollywood actor to tell a jury that recently convicted sex offender and Jeffrey Epstein “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell was Spacey’s guest – not the Prince’s – during a 2002 tour of Buckingham Palace.

Photos emerged in 2020 of Maxwell and Spacey frolicking around in Buckingham palace.

Prosecutors: Epstein’s Child Sex Pimp Gave Top Politicians Kids To Rape for ‘Social Currency’ reports: The tour was apparently arranged for former US President Bill Clinton – a figure who has also been linked to the deceased Epstein, and who was also a friend of Spacey. 

The Prince reportedly planned to ask for Spacey’s help as he prepares to battle the sex-assault lawsuit filed against him by Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Despite the existence of in a now-infamous photograph in which the Duke of York and Roberts are pictured together with Maxwell, the Prince has claimed he never met the young woman.

Roberts has claimed she was trafficked to the Prince by Epstein and forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17. She is seeking unspecified damages, thought to be millions of pounds, on charges of rape, sexual assault and battery.

The Duke of York earlier this week demanded a “trial by jury” regarding the accusations of rape and sexual assault Roberts leveled against him. Responding officially to his accuser’s claims five months ago, he rejected 41 accusations of wrongdoing – while admitting 40 times that he “lack[ed] sufficient information to admit or deny” other claims.

One of the claims he apparently denied was that he and Maxwell were close friends. The two were photographed together multiple times dating back to the 1980s.

Earlier this month, former head of Prince Andrew’s security, Paul Page, told an ITV documentary that Maxwell was a regular guest at Buckingham Palace.

He stated that a colleague of his “remembered her coming in four times in one day” at one point.


  1. She was NEVER EVER a sex slave at all That’s outright blatant lies. She lived in the island with Ghuslaine and Jeffery as if one of the family as a friend a good friend and trusted confidante. She literally was treated like family That’s all I’m saying about that female

    • What is your source on that? Without a CREDIBLE source, you got exactly nothing. CNN is not a credible source.How do you know she wasn’t being held hostage?

    • palm beach county law enforcement was covering for the man child`s sexual roller coaster rides and even TRUMP had interactions with that group also

    • you are the blatant she was under age could`nt give consent and was human traffic case after case after case law NUCH?

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