Prince Charles Dances Around With Sword During Royal Gulf Tour

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Prince Charles has kicked off an official tour of the Middle East by taking part in a sword dance during a royal visit to Oman with wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

The Prince of Wales amused himself and his host by taking part in a traditional ceremony on Saturday, brandishing a sword and dancing with a group of performers.

The Daily Progress reports:

The Prince of Wales landed in the Omani capital of Muscat on Friday night, greeted at the airport by Omani Heritage and Culture Minister Sayyid Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said. Camilla landed earlier in the day.

Saturday morning, the couple visited Oman’s new National Museum, greeted by traditional dancers. Prince Charles gamely waved the sword amid singing and dancing, drawing smiles from those taking part.

He later entered the National Museum, pausing at one point to look at traditional Omani khanjars, curved daggers carried ceremoniously at the waist by Omanis and those in neighboring Yemen. Other dancers twirled shining rifles.

The royal couple attended a service at Bait Al Noor Church afterward.

The pair are taking part in a series of cultural events while in Oman and are scheduled to see Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who has ruled the country on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula since 1970.

Their visit comes as rights groups have written Sultan Qaboos over the recent targeting of journalists by the country’s Internal Security Service.prince charles

Prince Charles and Camilla will travel to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as well on their weeklong trip.prince charles

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  1. The C team of losers now in Oman. Camilla was the most unroyal looking person in the pictures what as disgrace to the Queen. Charles should hire somebody to dress the old fashion pair of unfit royals Shord dancing isn’t his best performance he looks hideous. Granny’s spoiled boy looked happier in Poundsbury drinking pints with commoner Camilla Bowles serving and drinking their hearts out. Phony pretense of unveiling a huge ugly statue of his granny tricking Queen to attend. Maybe now they can stay in Oman well beyond the USA election if bombing the middle est is top

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