Prince Warned Humanity About ‘New World Order’ Plans For Mandatory Vaccines in 1996

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Lyrics embedded deep in a Prince album track released 26 years ago eerily prophesied a future that has come to pass. since the Covid-19 pandemic was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Exposing the New World Order’s plans for mRNA style vaccines that alter biology and act as tracking devices, as well as the elites’ transhumanism agenda, it was almost as though Prince had inside knowledge of the New World Order’s plans for humanity.

How could one man in Minneapolis write these lyrics in 1996? Prince knew the truth. He was a dangerous outsider who was offered a place in the inner sanctum of the global elite, but he rejected their siren song and refused to be corrupted by money or fame.  

He famously walked around at the Grammys with SLAVE written on his cheek to protest against the terms of his contract with the music industry Illuminati. He literally warned us we were all becoming slaves living on a New World Order slave plantation. He even went on mainstream TV and educated millions of Americans about chemtrails.

He made it his life’s mission to expose the New World Order and bring awareness of their evil agenda to the public.

His song ‘New World’ is one of many examples. From the 1996 album ‘Emancipation‘, the song contained eerily prophetic lyrics about mandatory vaccinations, altered biology and the world we live in today:

“When you wanna find some isolation. But the tracker you got from vaccination. What’s it all for when you can alter biology? Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?”

“When the lines blur every boy and girl, how we gonna make it in this brave new world?”


New world
When the sharpest vibration
Saves u from obliteration
The intelligence of your bed reacts
Covering u head 2 toe with an air-filled sack

When the lines blur every boy and girl
How we gonna make it in this brave new world?
Love 4 one another – new world
Love 4 one another – new world

When u wanna find some isolation
But the tracker u got from vaccination (keeps playin’)
Keeps playin’ – “u’ll never walk alone” (over and over)
They’re always listening, especially on the phone

When the lines blur every boy and girl
How we gonna make it in this brave new world?
Love 4 one another – new world
Love 4 one another – new world

Wait a minute
New world

Did u hear about the new pill? it feels like sex!
Guaranteed 2 thrill with no ill side-effects
A pill that will stop the wrinkles, a pill that will stop the pain
A pill that will make a baby never seek political gain
What’s it all 4 when u can alter biology?
Who or what, then my friend, will u and I be? 

When the sharpest vibration
Saves u from obliteration
When the melting pot stirs, how u gonna take it?
When u can’t tell him from her, how u gonna fake it?

When the lines blur every boy and girl
How u gonna make it in this brave new world?
Love 4 one another – new world
Love 4 one another (how u gonna take it?)
(How u gonna fake it?)
Love 4 one another (how u gonna take it?)
(New world) new world

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His appearances on mainstream TV during the final years before his mysterious death must have scared the powers that be. In the video below you can see Prince using his fame to directly educate millions about the chemtrail agenda and Illuminati activity:

I am something that you just can’t understand,’ Prince famously sang on I Would Die 4 U, a single from the mega-selling Purple Rain, the release that propelled him into the stratosphere, earning him a place among the global elite.

The Illuminati certainly didn’t understand him.  He was courted by them, he learned their secrets, but he didn’t accept their agenda.  He remained a truth-telling outsider to his very last days.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. Prince was and is the most creative musical genius of this century.
    No one comes near him. Not even Patsy Cline, they killed her too.
    You can’t be a creative genius with ego.
    Creativity comes from the soul.
    The soul comes from and is a part of God, who is creation itself.
    Ego is fake, a lie and it destroys the soul.
    The soul and humility will take you to heaven and make your free.
    The ego is a pride and a one way ticket to eternal Hell and damnation.

    • he was a cheap copy cover band act of JIMMY the real purple HAZE SUPER STAR which CBS records killed and covered up.JIMMY was so far ahead of every rocker that they had to stop him before he made total dum dumbs out of CBS and he ran his mouth whereas prince played BALL and shut up

  2. They hate the truth. And they despise whistleblowers..On average JUST in America alone 100,000 people die each year from ACKNOWELEDGED medical mistakes mishaps misdiagnosis mis medication Die, how many are injured I don’t know. How many die globally I imagine would be above that figure per head of population because naturally American healthcare as the most expensive on earth is also the very best most professional and of the highest standards of care.

    • Prince wasn`t the truth he was a copy of JIMMY purple haze ALL STAR.prince was a sideshow cover band copy of the real deal JIMMY

  3. prince was a reHASED jimmy cover band act since the start and was a puppet CBS tower cam&earth mic reality show side act of leta powell drake CBS

  4. prince was a jimmy coverband act and was addicted to smack right from the start.A reality show side act of leta powell drake CBS praforming on a semi trailer stage at smit creek with his jimmy purple haze cover band act.Where all the midwest MX motorcycle rider rode at.he came in on a MX bike ranting about the evil motorcycle and thier purple haze two stroke engines.he was a total fake copy of JIMMY whom they killed off way before his time as he as too far ahead of EVERYONE prince was only a controlled puppet of CBS records whereas jimmy was way to wild for CBS

  5. Prince was a faux CBS copy of jimi hendrix and jimmy was killed by the CBS britty racistSS just as the revolution was made into a britty invasion fake same S.O.P of scotland yard& the american illuminati prince was a part of that club but than thought he WAS really jimmy-he was a drug addict coverband of jimi hendrix and his purple rain came from jimmys purple hazeED.yea prince was inside of the soc enginering illuminati a drug addict on the inside of the corrupt system so he would know.Just as billy preston the 5th beatle was hidden to the roof top not allowed to jam in england same as they did to jimmy.Prince is PART of the cover murder of jmmy hendrix and the stealing of his music/art and even persona a cheap copy at best that had 2nd thoughts about being the fake purple hendrix copy

  6. CBS records owned him and his parents they were human traffick and his art/act was all to cover up the murder and rippoff of jimi hedrix by the britty racistSS CBS

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