Prince Was Murdered: Growing Chorus Demands Justice

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Prince Murder update - Dr Conrad Murray is the latest to join the campaign demanding justice for Prince, warning the Purple One's physician that he should brace himself for a tough legal battle.

His body was cremated at the first opportunity the day after his death, and now the results of his autopsy are being held back from the public, weeks overdue.  Prince, the brave, outspoken artist and critic of the New World Order is in danger of being silenced and forgotten.

Dr Conrad Murray is the latest to join the campaign demanding justice for Prince, warning the Purple One’s physician that he should brace himself for a tough legal battle.

I would say he needs an attorney, and a good one, because we have what we call “regular justice” and “celebrity justice,”‘ Murray said.

Murray knows more about the music industry’s hell hounds than most, having been framed for Michael Jackson’s death, spending two years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter before being released early for good behaviour. Meanwhile those who profited from Jackson’s death walked free.

The mainstream media have gone quiet at exactly the time they should be asking questions.  Instead, they are happy to float vague, distracting rumours about Prince into the public domain, and then back away as though their job done.

Why was he cremated the day after he was found suddenly, unexpectedly dead?  Why have the results of the autopsy been delayed for weeks after they were promised?  What are they hiding from us?

In the aftermath of his death a police insider said, “He was definitely murdered, we just have to find out who did it.” Why has the police investigation been hushed up?  Is Dr. Conrad Murray right – have they been instructed to frame Prince’s doctor?

Mainstream media cover-up

It is becoming increasingly clear there is a mainstream media cover up conspiracy involving Prince’s death. We are being being fed half truths and outright misinformation, and the official version of events being reported by the media is implausible to say the least.

Let’s take a look at the way the story was relayed to the world.

TMZ (a Time Warner subsidiary) took a break from publishing celebrity nonsense stories and broke some real news instead.  They had the exclusive and complete story of Prince’s tragic death – one hour after the legendary pop star passed away.

That’s right – a mere one hour after Prince died, TMZ had a complete back story, witnesses, photos, names, times, medical statements, 911 tape, quotes, and likely cause of death.

Is that even possible? Or were TMZ fed the whole concocted story by their mysterious overlords, ready-packaged to be quickly and easily digested by the unsuspecting public?

There are so many inconsistencies in TMZ’s suspicious account, and yet the mainstream media picked up where TMZ left off and ran with it, telling the world that this intelligent, brave soul who spoke truth to power was found dead in an elevator, alone, leaving a vault full of songs and no heirs to inherit his fortune – the end.

Well it’s not the end.  There is a growing chorus of people demanding justice for Prince.  We need answers.

TMZ cover up conspiracy

A comment was left on the TMZ article by ‘T. Jackson’ outlining credibility problems within the article and the official version of events. This comment and follow up comments were swiftly deleted. Why are we being silenced by the news sources pushing the official version of events? What have they got to hide?

Here is T. Jackson’s censored comment:

(1) You can see by the reflection of the clouds [below] in the rear window of the SUV and the lack of shadows, that this photo was taken midday in Minnesota. TMZ wouldn’t know because they are on the West Coast.

Prince outside Wallgreens

(2) The photo above is not the parking lot of Walgreens. Its most likely the back parking lot of the DMV office located at 4100 Lakeview Ave North, Robbinsdale, MN 55422, where Prince recently got his updated drivers license. You can search that address on Google and see it for yourself.

(3) Genesis Health Plex and Trinity regional deny that Prince was admitted to their hospital and neither dispatched emergency personnel to the Moline Airport at 1:00AM.

(4) Prince just finished two performances [below] in front of thousands of people who claim he was healthy, alive and sharp. Opiate addicts are not healthy and sharp and cannot sing and dance.

Prince's final performance before he was killed

The truth is, Prince just completed his 50 page manuscript detailing his findings of the entertainment industry and those behind it and how they influence government.

Prince predicted his own death on Instagram
Did Prince try and warn us he was in danger? His final Instagram post was edited after his death to remove the cryptic message.

Prince was a slave who outsmarted his masters.

He was taken out, in eerily similar circumstances to Michael Jackson.  Dr. Conrad Murray, who knows their tricks, believes Prince’s doctor is in line to be framed.

Do not believe the media cover up conspiracy.

Justice for Prince.

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