Putin Vows To Release ‘Sickening’ Hunter Biden Child Sex Tapes That Will End ‘New World Order’

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Hunter Biden is a predatory pedophile hiding in plain sight and operating with impunity as the First Son of the United States of America, according to video evidence produced by a Russian investigation personally ordered by Vladimir Putin.

Hunter Biden is a predatory pedophile hiding in plain sight and operating with impunity as the First Son of the United States of America, according to video evidence produced by a Russian investigation personally ordered by Vladimir Putin.

According to the FSB, these tapes will send shockwaves around the world and will change forever the way the public view Western political leaders.

The global elite are responsible for the greatest crimes and deceptions in history, which means the evidence against them is explosive. Given the heinous nature of their crimes, Putin knows he only has to strike once and the New World Order will fold.

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Thanks to the tireless work of people like yourself, the people of the world are waking up and rejecting compromised political leaders and demanding a future free from the shackles of the global elite.

In the recent European Parliament elections, the people of France roundly denounced the globalist policies of WEF Young Global Leader Emmanuel Macron. Make no mistake, the New World Order are in the process of being toppled as the crimes of the pedophile elite are being exposed.

While US mainstream media has spent years covering up for the Biden crime family, Russian state TV has presented images of Hunter Biden naked with very young children in states of undress, while warning that they are in possession of the kind of evidence that earns a man a sentence of castration in Russia.

As the presenter explained, “it is extremely difficult to find the words to describe these photos and videos.”

Is the truth about Biden sex crime family finally starting to leak out?

As Putin told the Russian people, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Is this Hunter Biden chasing a young girl, assaulting her, and dragging her back to his hotel room? Or is it a man who simply looks incredibly like him and bears the same creepy tattoos on his back?

Given what we know about the sickening pastimes of the Biden family, questions must be asked.

For example, why did Hunter Biden gave his father a pedophile-themed nickname in messages retrieved from his ‘Laptop from Hell‘?

They say a son knows his father better than anyone in the world and like many successful men with certain predilections, the Bidens have been failing upwards while hiding in plain sight for years.

How many times does Joe Biden have to get caught on video behaving inappropriately around children before the mainstream media will be forced to admit they have been covering for a predator?

Remember, these are the things Joe Biden does in public while the cameras are rolling. All while knowing (and being told by his handlers) that these are bad things to do.

What do you think he does in private?

According to his daughter Ashley, he takes “inappropriate showers” with underage girls including those in his own family.

Mainstream media understand that pedophilia is the elite’s Achilles heel and they have been desperate to suppress the truth about the diary for years.

Biden even weaponized the DOJ to imprison Aimee Harris, the woman who found Ashley’s diary at a Palm Beach halfway house and bravely warned the world about its damning contents.

However, independent media continued reporting on the story and eventually the media were forced to retract their lies when Ashley told Chief Judge Swain of New York that her diary, in which she confesses that her dad sexualized her and shared naked showers with her, is real.

Serial predators have a way of flaunting their deranged success, rubbing it in the faces of their victims. It’s a type of psychopathy common among the globalist elite. It’s time to equip ourselves with the tools to call it out and expose these criminals as the monsters they are.

According to Professor Anthony Zenkus, Biden displays all the behavioral traits of a serial predator.

Only when the masses become aware that the global elite place compromised pedophiles in positions of power, will we gain the strength to topple the New World Order and deliver justice to those who have committed crimes against humanity.

Make no mistake, these crimes are heinous and we cannot rest until they are exposed.

As Lara Logan explains, the global elite “dine on the blood of children” and the award-winning journalist has pointed the finger of blame directly at the Biden administration and Child Protective Services for facilitating the crime.

While working on 60 Minutes for CBS, where she rose to be Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, she covered some of the biggest stories in the world, including the war on terror in Afghanistan and Benghazi.

Now she is dedicating her life to protecting children and exposing the monsters who prey upon them.

We are part of something so huge right now. We have the potential to break the chains of the past. The control, division, hatred, and separation. Not to mention the horrific crimes against children. That’s why the control apparatus is so afraid. They know that they can’t stop this.

The more they lie, the more the deceive, the more they force the closure of independent media outlets like Infowars, the more they expose themselves. Which leads to more people waking up from the illusion.

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