Rare ’60s Bowie Footage Found On Dad’s Old Cine Camera

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Amazing what can be found on an old cine camera! When my friend Joe Salama was sorting through his pensioner dad’s cine films from the 1960s, he came across something rather exciting…

Picture the scene: it was 1965 and Mr. Salama Snr. was randomly filming around Soho. Not being especially familiar with the music scene, he had no inkling that the handsome teenager in the sharp suit who crossed his path was set to become one of the biggest stars of all time.

As Joe explains: “He was totally unaware that the young dude who smiles so graciously right into the camera was David Bowie. Even when I showed him what he had filmed, he was none the wiser and couldn’t remember why he focussed on this particular chap.”

Joe would also like to point out that the face fleetingly seen behind Bowie is that of his mother!

Mr. Salama Snr. has since passed away but his legacy lives on. The footage was shown at the V & A at a David Bowie exhibition, was used in two BBC documentaries and has received a ton of attention after it was posted on YouTube.

Joe says: “I was most proud that my father was credited with the clip at the V&A exhibition and on both of the Beeb documentaries that paid to use it. Plus me and the wife got to go to the Champagne launch party for the V&A perspective and mix with stars!”

I mentioned to Joe about posting it on Your News Wire and he said: “I’m happy to spread the word anywhere there’s an audience for the clip. It captured the imagination of most fans if only for the sheer random nature of the filming and Bowie’s sweet-natured reaction. A true gent. As was my old dad who filmed it.”

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