Rob Reiner: ‘Survival of U.S. Democracy Depends on Trump Family Being Jailed’

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Actor Rob Reiner declares that survival of U.S. democracy depends on Trump family being prosecuted and jailed

Trump-hating Hollywood director Rob Reiner has lashed out at the Trump family yet again, warning that the very survival of American democracy depends on his entire family being jailed.

In a Twitter rant on Wednesday, Reiner referenced a report from August that claims leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee last year made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner to the Department of Justice over suspicions they tried to mislead the committee during their testimony.

“Lest we forget. The GOP run Senate Intel Committee has referred Criminal proceedings to the DOJ against Kushner and Don Jr. We can not let the firehose of corruption gushing from this Crime Family go unchecked,” Reiner fumed.

“The survival of our Democracy demands they all be prosecuted.” reports: Reiner, who is notorious for his wild, hyperbolic, and conspiratorial rantings on social media, has repeatedly claimed that the Trump family is engaged in a range of criminal activities, without providing any evidence they have done so.

Last month, the Princess Bride directorsimilarly demanded the creation of a “non-partisan commission” to investigate Trump after he leaves the White House, declaring it necessary in order to “restore faith in our Constitution and the Rule of Law.” He did not specify what crimes Trump would be investigated for.

“After Trump leaves, and he will, to repair the damage he has caused Democracy, it will be imperative that a non partisan commission be formed to investigate him for Federal Crimes,” Reiner wrote at the time. “It will be the only way we can restore faith in our Constitution and the Rule of Law.”

Over the past four years, Reiner has accused Trump of a variety of crimes, including “premeditated murder” over his response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Regularly describing President Trump as a “white supremacist,” Reiner has also insisted that the president’s rising number of ethnic minority supporters are racist for backing him.

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