Robert De Niro Tells America: “Quit The Bullshit” With Russia

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Actor Robert De Niro has hit out against the strained US-Russia relations, saying that America needs to "quit the bullshit"

Robert De Niro spoke to Russia Today about his views on the strained Russia-US relationship at a restaurant opening recently.

Oscar award winning actor Robert De Niro opened his latest ‘Nobu’ restaurant in Moscow on Monday.

Speaking at the opening alongside his business partner, Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, De Niro said:

“We all need to get past the bullshit and the nonsense, and make the world that’s best for all of us,” in reference to bettering relations between his native United States and Russia.

Video: Robert De Niro: We all need to get past ‘bullsh*t & nonsense’ in US-Russia relations

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  1. Was Robert De Niro in the mirror when he demanded America quit messing about: ” We all need to get past the bullshit and the nonsense ”??!!

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