Ron Howard ‘Admits’ Moon Landing Was Staged In Film Studio

Fact checked
some believe a video that has now gone viral is the missing link to prove the moon landing was faked.

For decades, people have debated whether the 1969 Apollo moon landing was real or fake.

One of the most persistent theories is that we have never gone to the moon, but instead that the entire thing was filmed on a sound stage.

While varying degrees of this myth have existed over time, a few key points to the alleged version of events stays the same:

1.) We never landed on the moon.

2.) The US Government needed to do something to shore up global support as well as to show Russia where we stood as a global power

3.) A plan was devised to fake the moon landing (insert offshoot about Stanley Kubrick “directing” the whole thing, as that is also a persistent rumor)

4.) The entire moon landing was an elaborate hoax filmed “live” on a soundstage – most likely at a US Air Force base or somewhere in Hollywood.

The above key points are prevalent in almost every conspiracy theory about the moon landings being fake. Recently, a video has gone viral in which the narrator uses a clip from the hit American comedy series, “Arrested Development”, to  “prove” that none other than acclaimed film director Ron Howard (and narrator of the comedy show) is actually telling the audience the moon landings are fake.

Some people laud the video as a missing link in the conspiracy of the “faked” moon landings, while others simply dismiss it as the ramblings of yet another “conspiracy” theorist. Check out the video below and let us know what YOU think in the comment sections below!

Royce Christyn
Documentarian, Writer, Producer, Director, Author.