Report: Russiagate Is Really About Shutting Down WikiLeaks

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Russiagate is secretly about shutting down WikiLeaks

Following the appointment of Robert Mueller to investigate Russiagate, it has become clear that the real target for the intelligence community is not Trump, but WikiLeaks.

The end game is to eliminate WikiLeaks so that the U.S. intelligence agencies lose all accountability that is currently forced upon them by the whistleblowing organization.

Tsukes Thoughts reports: Manufacturing a crisis is the easiest way back to power for Democrats. The intelligence community is a separate from the Democrats and they have their own goals. The Democrats are just being used as useful idiots.


Under normal circumstances the intelligence community would not only be supportive of Trump they would be fiercely loyal to him. In many ways Trump is the perfect president for the deep state.

First off Trump is very results oriented. He does not particularly care about the methods used just as long as the objective is achieved. If the CIA were to torture 50 terrorists to save 5 american lives Trump would not have a problem with it and would even congratulate the agents while other presidents may have moral issues.

Second by this time Trump is already immune to the media and public pressure. He knows that a certain segment of the public will never support him and the media will always paint his administration in the worst light possible. If Homeland Security were to have a scandal under his term then he would not care very much and just call the media fake news.

Third because Trump is a larger than life character most of the attention is centered around him. Russiagate was always going to happen. If Cruz, Rubio, or any other Republican won the Democrats would still accuse them of being a puppet for Putin. The email issue started during the primaries which mean any Republican who made it to the general would have benefited from it. Russiagate is not a delusional response but a logical one. If you are working in the leadership of the Clinton campaign and managed to lose despite every conceivable advantage, double the war chest, a friendly media, establishment figures on both sides supporting you, and a third party candidate whose primary purpose was to draw votes away from Trump in Mcmullin you would have a very hard time finding a job afterwards. Russiagate is a defense mechanism for the leadership of the Clinton campaign after all they decided on it hours after the election ended. The difference is that the other Republicans would have reacted differently to it. Trump shines a spotlight on it. If the CIA were to effect a hostile takeover of Ukraine tomorrow and the plans leaked all over the media the American public would still be talking about Russiagate the next day.

Trump represents a perfect storm for the deep state of a president who does not care what methods they use and who focuses the publics attention on him making them care less about the deep state in the process. It is like having a blank check from to do what you will.


While Trump can be a boon for the intelligence community Wikileaks represents a bigger threat. At the end of the day the deep state knows that whoever the president is they will still be around at the end of their 8 years. Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, Obama, or anyone else is not going to abolish any of the intelligence agencies so they can ultimately work with any of them.

Guantanamo Bay, Chelsea Manning, The Iraq war, The Afghanistan war, The detainee policies, Vault 7, and more. Wikileaks has proven to be the only entity who can effectively check the power of the various intelligence communities. It could very well be that Wikileaks has done more to limit the deep state than the GRU, Mossad, and every other foreign intelligence agency. Not only would the CIA, FBI, and other agencies lie in order to remove Wikileaks from the picture they would most likely kill to do so.

The Truth

The stakes are much higher than anyone realizes. We are not just discussing Trump or partisan politics anymore. What we are seeing is nothing less than the intelligence community or “deep state” eliminating any checks to their power.

Think of a future without Wikileaks. There is no organization which is currently capable of succeeding them in their function. It does not even seem like there is any with even just the potential to take over. Leakers would have nowhere to go. Traditional media would not dare do what Wikileaks does. If a organization does rise up to replace them all the intelligence communities would have to do is raise up some links to Russia or any other nation and they would be discredited by association to Wikileaks.

Without any organizations to check them the intelligence community can do whatever they want. We already have the Vault 7 releases which state that they can use tv sets to spy on people and are working on technology to obtain remote control of cars, which has been described as the perfect assassination tool. By supporting their drive to eliminate Wikileaks the intelligence community is essentially asking you to hand over complete control over to them with no oversight. There is very few things that are more terrifying than what the deep state is asking us to do.

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