San Fransisco Decides Illegal Aliens Should Have Voting Rights

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San Fransisco say illegal aliens should have voting rights

San Fransisco has decided that illegal aliens have the exact same voting rights as American citizens, according to a controversial video released Wednesday.

PragerU’s Will Witt interviewed residents on the streets of San Fransisco to see if they think illegals should be allowed to vote.

Those interviewed, agreed that they should. reports: “Do you think people who are illegal aliens in this country, or illegal aliens, should they be allowed to vote?” Witt asked one woman.

“I don’t believe that people are illegal,” one woman remarked. “So yes.”

Witt then pressed the woman further, asking if illegal aliens should still be allowed to vote even “if they don’t pay into the tax system.”

“I haven’t paid taxes since 2014 and I still vote, so yes.” the woman added.

Another woman said that illegal aliens should have the same voting rights as American citizens.

“You know, I feel like people that are living here, anyone illegal or not has a right in their opinion.” she said. “I do feel that everyone has a right to vote—illegal or not.”

The sampling of San Francisco residents is just a fraction of a large segment of Democrats who agree that illegal aliens should have the right to vote.

A poll released Tuesday found that 54 percent of Democrats agreed illegal aliens should have the right to vote as long as they pay taxes.

The video comes weeks after San Francisco began allowing non-U.S. citizens to register to vote in local school board elections.

San Francisco voters passed Proposition N in 2016, giving non-U.S. citizens the ability to vote in local elections. The measure is set to take effect in the 2018 election season.

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