School Vaccinated Children Without Parents Permission

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Parents of school children who were vaccinated without their permission are calling for the dismissal of both the schools Principal and Vice Principal

A group of parents held a meeting at the Sri Lankan International School in Riyadh, Suadi Arabia, requesting the management remove the principal, S.M. Naseer, and Vice Principal Ghousiya Jaseem, over the vaccination issue.

One of the children has had a fever since the vaccine and one parent said his child had already had the vaccination.

Surely this whole issue should be a criminal one?

Arab news reports: In early October, the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Ministry of Education launched an immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) throughout the Kingdom on Sunday.

It is customary that the Ministry of Health gives at least two weeks’ notice to all schools before the vaccination day so that they can acquire permission from the parents to vaccinate their children.

“This procedure was not followed at all,” Mohamed Ansar told Arab News here on Sunday. He blamed the principal for this incident, which has caused panic among parents. The MMR vaccine had been given to some 200 students in the school last week, ranging from Grades two to six.

Ansar said that his daughter, Nadha (10 years old), in Grade five, is suffering from high fever following the vaccination. He added that he had vaccinated his daughter with the MMR vaccine long ago.

Another parent who went to question the vice principal about the ongoing vaccination schedule was allegedly sent away from the school by her as well.

“Obtaining parental permission for such vaccinations is common sense,” another parent said.

The school board has decided to hold an inquiry into the matter. Arab News learnt that the principal and the vice principal did come to their offices in the school on Sunday.

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