Senior FBI Official Walks Free After Possession of Child Rape Images

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Senior FBI analyst walks free after possession of child porn

The Justice Department declined to prosecute a senior FBI intelligence analyst who was fired for knowingly possessing child pornography.

The identity of the fired FBI official was not released.

The senior analyst admitted to FBI investigators that he had viewed and downloaded child rape images.

Forensic examination of the FBI agent’s personal and FBI issued devices “identified pornographic images, however, none of the images were determined to be evidence of child pornography,” the OIG said in a report. reports: The FBI “summarily dismissed” the senior intel analyst who “knowingly possessed child pornography” in the past, “in violation of federal law and FBI policy.”

“Prosecution of the SIA was declined” the OIG concluded.

The same DOJ that prosecutes Trump officials for non-crimes, refuses to prosecute an FBI official who actually violated the law.