Soros Busses In Far-Left Protestors To Kavanaugh Hearings This Week

Fact checked
Soros bussing in far-left protestors to Kavanaugh hearings this week

Far-left protestors are being bussed in for this week’s Senate Hearings by organizations funded directly by George Soros. 

According to Paul Sperry, several left-wing violent groups are preparing to wreak havoc in Washington D.C. in an attempt to disrupt and prevent the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. reports: The protestors are gathering tonight at St. Stephens of Incarnation Church in DC where they are being provided lodging for their efforts throughout the week:

Transportation is being funded by groups associated with liberal donor George Soros:

Why are good Christians helping a far left radical, George Soros, use groups he is funding to attempt to overthrow the nomination of Christian and conservative Judge Kavanaugh?