Suspect Who Executed Trump Supporter in Portland: “I’m 100% Antifa All the Way”

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Suspect to murdered Trump supporter in Portland admits he is Antifa

The suspect who executed a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland on Saturday night posted “I’m 100’% Antifa” on his personal Instagram page.

A member of the Patriot Prayer group, which was involved in counter-protests against Antifa and Black Lives Matter on Saturday, was gunned down at 8:45pm near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street.

On footage posted to social media, a far-left domestic terrorist can be heard yelling “we’ve got a Trumper here” before two gunshots blast out, killing the Trump supporter in front of witnesses.

The far left crowd then celebrated the murder, hailing that they’d taken out the “trash”. reports: The identity of the alleged shooter was later revealed to be snowboarding instructor Michael Reinoehl, who according to his social media profile is a hardcore leftist.

“Every revolution needs people that are ready and willing to fight,” Reinoehl posted on his Instagram.

“I am 100% ANTIFA all the way!” he added.

The suspect also posted numerous other images making it clear that he sided with Black Lives Matter statue topplers and Antifa radicals.

He also liked numerous Antifa pages on his Facebook profile.

Reinoehl also appeared in a Bloomberg video report about the shooting of three leftist rioters by Kyle Rittenhouse, who acted in self-defense.

No prominent Democrat or leftist activist has denounced last night’s murder thus far.

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