Sweden Prepare Troops As Army Chief Warns Of World War 3

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Sweden have announced plans to prepare troop for coming World War 3, which they say will begin in Europe very soon

An internal army document sent to Swedish soldiers and civil servants reveals that Sweden is preparing for a World War 3 scenario to begin in the next few years within Europe. 

The chief of the Swedish army, General Anders Brännström, has told troops that they should expect to be fighting in a European war against skilled opponents “within a few years”.

Breitbart.com reports:

As well as soldiers, the booklet containing his stark warning has also been given to civil servants, politicians, and guests of next week’s annual manoeuvres and military demonstrations and exercises. Discussing the new military budget passed by the Swedish government last year for 2016-2020, General Brännström said: “The requirement of our ability to perform armed combat against a skilled opponent was clear, and this in context of the objective to create a front line against military attack and defend Sweden”.

“The global environment we are experiencing which is also demonstrated by strategic decisions [taken by politicians] leads us to the conclusion we could be at war within a few years”.

The general said the manoeuvres, which this year focus on the Swedish army’s ability to fight and survive a winter war, should be conducted with this security situation in mind.

Speaking of his comments with Sweden’s best selling tabloid Aftonbladet, the General said the deteriorating security picture in Europe was the main factor behind his warning, indicating the Islamic State conducting military campaigns in Europe and spreading instability from the Ukraine could lead to conflict. Sensationally, he suggested a Third World War was just round the corner. He told the paper:

“One can draw parallels with the 1930s. A great uncertainty and [political] dynamics which then led to a great war. That time we managed to keep out. But it is not at all certain we could succeed this time”.

Sweden was politically neutral during the Second World War, while all of its neighbours were invaded or fell under the political influence of the Third Reich or Soviet Russia.

It is unusual for a serving senior military figure, much less the professional head of an Army to speak out on such political matters in Europe. Yet these comments are not just the General’s opinion, he added, remarking his senior colleagues all held the same thoughts. He said: “this is a serious position shared by most. This is a completely different situation to the one we had ten years ago.

“There is now a much stronger focus on national defence… it is about preparing for the worst”.

Breitbart London interviewed the recently retired head of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence Development, Concepts, and Doctrine Centre last year, and reported his belief Islamist terror groups would start to launch terror raids on the coasts of southern Europe by boat. Rear Admiral Parry RN told Breitbart London that Islamists could follow the example set by the deadly Mumbai attacks in 2008 which saw Islamist commandos land in fast boats and storm the city and kill 150.

The Admiral said: “We will soon be experiencing minor hit and run attacks on remote parts of Europe, like Malta and the Greek Islands”.

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