Sweden Legalizes Wife Beating Under Sharia Law

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Sweden legalizes wife beating for Muslim families, under Sharia law

Swedish lawmakers celebrated International Women’s Day by legalizing wife beating within the Islamic community, citing Sharia law as their justification.

In a desperate attempt to cover-up the growing violence from migrants towards women, the beleaguered European country is now giving police and judges a legal excuse to not prosecute men who are caught physically assaulting women.

Louderwithcrowder.com reports: This Iraqi immigrant husband was excused by Swedish courts for beating his wife because of “cultural law.”

In a landmark case, the Solna District Court has acquitted an Iraqi man suspected of abusing wife by pushing her against furniture, pulling her hair and hitting her face with a shoe. In addition to stressing that the man “came from a good family,” unlike the woman, the court ruled that the fact that the woman turned to the police instead of the husband’s family “further” undermined her credibility.

Translation: Islam allows men to engage in many activities. Such as beating, rapery, and murderness.

The justices of the country weren’t too happy.

Former Swedish Bar Association president Bengt Ivarsson tweeted:

“This is one of the most prejudiced and strange judgments I have read. Not completely unexpectedly dictated by two lay judges. Still, no one in charge who wants to do something about the lay judge system?”

Center Party leader Annie Lööf condemned the ruling and called for both lay judges to leave their roles:

“Horrendous judgment in Solna. Hair-raising reasoning and values that have no place in a state built on legal principles. These values have no place in our party. Our politics are based on all people’s equal rights and value, and being equal before the law.”

Head scratching. How can the “religion of peace” be so contentious? Boggles the brains like head noodles are jiggled from a shoe slam.

Progressives tout Islam as a religion which converges with Western values. As if the violent side of Islam will have no bearing on Western standards of morality and human decency. Not so. Sharia law received a few shoe holds and hair jerks in Sweden. It was only a matter of time.

As leftists open their arms wide to the Islamic faith, they are unaware of all the brutal opening of the legs immigrants are committing.

Muhammad had a lot of ideas about women. Like diddling kiddos and hitting his many adolescent wifeys. Behold the madness:

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