The Beast Is On The Loose In Iraq

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An Iraqi tank nicknamed “The Beast” is loose on the battlefields of Iraq, tearing down the countryside, looking for ISIS fighters, in the western city of Hit.

A Twitter post on the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service’s account shows The Beast obliterating an ISIS car loaded with explosives.

The Daily Caller reports:

The ISIS car was approaching ICTS personnel outside Ramadi in Hit, Iraq, apparently loaded with explosives, ICTS said in a tweet describing the video. The car dodges fire from Iraqi Security Forces several times before exploding into bits when an Iraqi tank finally lands a round right on target.

“A Bombed car was trying to target #ICTS hero’s in #Hit, and was blown away by a Cornet Rocket!” ICTS tweeted, along with a link to the video.

Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S. military operation against ISIS, retweeted the video, referring to the Iraqi tanks as “The BEAST” and touting it’s success over the past week against ISIS.

“#ISF tank (The BEAST) has been the hero of the day everyday for the past 7 days,” Warren tweeted.

Iraqi forces reclaimed Ramadi from ISIS in December of last year, prompting ISIS commanders to burn its own fighters alive for allowing the city to fall.

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