The United Arab Emirates Ready To Send Ground Troops To Syria

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United Arab Emirates

Following hot on the heels of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that it was also ready to send ground troops to Syria to fight ISIS

Syria’s Foreign Minister said earlier that any ground operation in Syria, carried out without consent from Damascus, would be viewed as an act of aggression, warning that any potential aggressors would return to their country in a wooden coffin

RT reports: The UAE’s preparedness to participate in a ground military operation in Syria was confirmed by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, who said that “US leadership on this” would be a prerequisite.

“We are not talking about thousands of troops, but we are talking about troops on the ground that will lead the way … that will support … and I think our position remains the same and we will have to see how this progresses,” he added, as cited by Reuters.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain said they would contribute troops for a ground operation in Syria, should the US choose to start one. The three countries are already participating in the aerial bombing campaign spearheaded by Washington. The US however has repeatedly said it would not send ground troops to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and wants the Arab nations to do the fighting on the ground.

Iran said Riyadh lacked the courage to deliver on the premise

The head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard warned that it would be suicidal for Saudi Arabia to intervene militarily on the ground in Syria.

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