Third DC Police Officer Who Saw What Really Happened on Jan. 6 Found Dead

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Third D.C. police officer who witnessed what happened on January 6 found dead by apparent suicide

A third DC Metropolitan Police Officer who witnessed what really happened at the Capitol protest on January 6 has been found dead by alleged suicide.

43-year-old Gunther Hashida was found dead on July 29, his family announced on GoFundMe.

“On July 29, 2021, we lost Gunther Hashida, who leaves behind a loving wife, sister, 3 children, and a wonderful family. In his work as an officer with the DC Metropolitan Police Department, he worked to serve and protect the public. He was a devoted and loving husband and father. This fund will help support his memorial service and his family in the loss of his love and guidance,” the family wrote on GoFundMe.

It is not confirmed as yet how Hashida killed himself and his family is not blaming the alleged suicide on the January 6 protest. reports:

The DC Metro police confirmed Hashida’s death to the Daily Mail.

US Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood committed suicide in January just days after the Capitol riot.

DC Metro police officer Jeffrey Smith killed himself in mid-January.


  1. Theyre dropping like flies .I this afternoon was reading a list of all if the covid vaccine whistleblowers who have died ” accidentally ” or by ” suicide ” over the last 18 months Its a long long list They hate the truth .

  2. The remaining *living* police officers that witnessed the 1/6/21 non-event better speak up and damn fast. Otherwise, they will end up being just another statistic of this completely lawless regime.

  3. 4 of them couldnt testify because they suicide I saw quite a lot live streamed .I saw how the sign Pelosi us evil was set up at the e France and no officers removed it At all .I saw one female absolutely assassinated in an obvious hit job .I saw a freak wondering around looking crazed , and high who reminded me if stories of the French revolution mob ,who was obviously a democrar Really .Obviously No republican looks like that. I saw him swaggering about and I saw a staff person sitting in the floor with a wound to his arm ,maybe a bullet, but nothing serious Just some tweezers to pull it out really it long nosed pliers, but it didn’t occur to him .He just sat on the floor .But I didnt see any of the stuff theyre talking about .
    And I fund them crying really suspicious actually ,after all this time I’m sure rheyre in some medications designed to make them super 3notuonal but given to them ad sedatives or some such rubbish story

    • And the point about the PELOSI IS EVIL sign is that it was right next to the security guts that she was the boss off ,and so the fact they had been ordered to leave it there says straight out that she organised it

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