White House Aid Steve Bannon Fired

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Steve Bannon is the latest top aide of President Donald Trump to leave his post following a review of his position by  the new White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that Friday was the White House chief strategist’s last day.

The firing came as sources claimed that Trump was furious over Bannon’s habit of taking credit for his 2016 election.

“That f******Bannon [is] taking credit for my election,” Trump recently told a confidant, according to US reports.

Bannon reportedly claimed that he left of his own accord and that he submitted his resignation two weeks ago, but several reporters are hearing that he was in fact fired.

The BBC reports:

Mr Bannon, a right-wing nationalist and former head of Breitbart.com, helped shape the “America First” message of Mr Trump’s election campaign.

But critics had accused the 63-year-old of harbouring anti-Semitic and white supremacist views.

Mr Bannon is known to have competed for influence in the West Wing against more moderate factions, including members of the Trump family.

Mr Trump raised eyebrows earlier this year when he elevated Mr Bannon to the National Security Council, the main group advising the president on national security and foreign affairs.

But Mr Bannon was subsequently removed from the council in a move that was seen as a sign of National Security Adviser HR McMaster’s growing influence over the president.

The two men have since been locked in a behind-the-scenes power struggle, according to US media reports.

Bannon came under fire recently for an interview in which he appeared to contradict the President on several fronts, including Mr Trump’s recent threats to North Korea promising “fire and fury”.

In the interview Bannon said that there wasn’t actually a military option for pushing back on North Korea.


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