Trudeau: Gov’t Must Censor Internet Because ‘Flat Earther’ Conspiracies ‘Cause Real Problems’

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Governments around the world must censor the internet because conspiracy theories like the flat earth theory are actually “really dangerous” and “causing real problems” in society, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to Trudeau, who is becoming increasingly desperate for legislation that will allow him to censor the internet in Canada, people with views not approved by the government must not be allowed to discuss these views with others.

Key political figures in Canada agree with Trudea and back his authoritarian plans. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh doesn’t think the Trudeau’s plans to control the internet go far enough:

Twenty-five New Democrat MPs will pressure cabinet for legislation this year to regulate legal internet content, Party leader Jagmeet Singh said yesterday. Regulations should include censoring “misinformation,” he said.

“The Liberal government has not done the job of making sure platforms are following the rules around making sure hate and misinformation are not being spread,” Singh told reporters. “That puts the responsibility back on the government to do what it should be doing. We are going to continue to pressure the government to do this.”

“The government has a responsibility to play in making sure social media platforms are adhering to proper guidelines around misinformation, around hate, and why we have been saying for a long time the responsibility to keep people safe from misinformation and radicalization cannot rest in the hands of private companies,” said Singh. “It has to be the government taking responsibility.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Trudeau is clinically retarded. Its hard to blame his stupidity, but he did rape an underaged student when he was a part-time teacher so I don’t put anything past him/her.

    • Governments job is to provide essential. Services They were grated leave to clevt taxes with that proviso. Services such as housing so there is no homelessness. That is the Contract government made with the people which that are not meeting their obligations too.
      Instead they have turned taxation into a fraud by making goods and services taxes the substitute for income tax and them slashing income taxes for themselves and their class and upper whilst know g the bulk of the peasants will be making up the short fall through their goods and services taxes. So they stopped free education and now the parents ALL pay taxes to send the kids to school, same with healthcare being privatised into evil opportunists hands Education ams healthcare become now profit based uperationd subject to Corporate Law where they have tomqcimise profits Ot fundamentally CORRUPTS the whole world. The love of money is the root of all EVIL.

  2. You can hear the desperation in his voice. I will buy an expensive bottle of champagne when this POS dies!

    • PORNO XXX runs the interNET>it outsells ALL markets TV&radio are dead as is the bOX office.CENSOR`s WTF CENSORS TRIPLE XXX DAY&NITE247365.tHERE ARE ZERO CENSORS&flash Mobs on blue tooth&pods casting in clouds RUN the WHOLE FN COUNTRY.EVEN Law enforcement is OUT OF THE LOOP as electric BIKE MOBSTERS ROB your house&Kill your cats and steal your dogs.NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH EVER since the 60`s when the anti-war movement was snuffed OUT and replaced by the beatles INVASION! as you know!!!!

  3. They had total control before the Internet No books magazines newspapers TV shows movies could be distributed without government censors approval.
    The internet gave some free speech for the first time in centuries actually.
    But that’s why they created Disqus.

    • The interNET was NEVER FREE speech YOU feed the providers AND YOU EVEN PAY TO GET THE INTERNET and you get THEM hits and they get payed.Thats NOT FREE SPEECH thats getting all your work stolen.RUMBLE will give you 20.00% per 1,000 viewers NOT worth anyone ones time even the PROs are working for nothin and that an`t freedom thats being ripped off

    • Triple X outsells all other markets BILLIONs just in the USA.The censors? limit content they don`t censor to community standards as those differ from place to place and from court room to court room.The studios get a free pass by under the table deals with the REGULATOR(SS) whereas anyone whom trys to get a plat form will and are stuck down.NO FREE SPEECH anywhere.Just try to yell fire in the town square OR start ranting in the public domains and you will and are locked UP.BEEN EMBESSED for billions in the last 70 years even while being a union member and a guild writer.You have to get a agent pay a free and be under contract OR your not in THIS INDUSTRY of making money.Making money is not freespeech there are NO free plat forms so you work for free also welcome to the club of NOTHING as you have no face no name and zero copyrights which are the only freedom of speeches seen but even those you have to battle for in the courts been there done that for over 10 years in just ONE case

    • YOU also don`t distribute as that is a contract with a studio a agent and you get a cut IF and when you get a union agent that lives by the laws and bylaws of the industry.YOU are NON-UNION? no agent no copyright no legal right to their site or a % anyway that is the industry not free speech which has to have a platform to be heard.YOU HAVE NONE they have all of your copyrights and own what you write without a agent and being in the unions.COMMUNITY STANDARDS are not enforced on for profit UNION backed studio works.YOU get known outside the industry they stop you and steal everything and everyone eats from the soul of your works.There are ways in but you have to know them and do WTF they tell you to do and they OWN whatever THEY PRODUCE anyway.Workout side that industry and get snuffed WORLDWIDE been there 70 years plus.ZERO FREEDOM OF SPEECH ANYHERE

    • LENNY BRUCE Dropped a F bomb on NY radio&GOT DOFFED for that!^^^ as everyone in the industry KNOWS!!!

  4. THE internet HAS NEVER BEEN a free form as it is OWNed by the private PROVIDERS(HITS) power the interNET as it is ONLY ABOUT MONEY.He would`nt know flat EARTH from FLAT WORLD as HE is from diddly NO where

  5. NASA told him to say that! The old copernician lie propagated by his owners likes “good” pupils. He knows that!

  6. Flat Earth cosmology is correct as the Bible states- it is why YT changed their algorithms and has to put stamps on FE + NA$A videos. It is hitting critical mass and PTB are freaking out. Time to awaken to the truth.

  7. I said the first time flat earth appeared on the internet, that it was a WEF psych-op, entrapment, meant to discredit internet citizen journalists, informed citizens with voluntary consent, freedom of expression, open and transparent governance, debate and deliberation, as all ‘tin foil hat’ outcasts.

    • Or… you didn’t do the homework on it, and you believe the Rockefeller purchased public education and extreme tell-a-vision. The earth is NOT a ball of water. Water will ALWAYS find its level. Search “what on earth happened” on bitchute.

  8. Justin Castro knows the earth isn’t a globe. He just said, “trust the science.” Where have we heard that before?

  9. Until further notice I will assume that the Emperor of CCP China approve that statement. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the shape of the Globe.

  10. The mere fact that governments don’t want people talking about Flat Earth speaks volumes. You can talk about all kinds of illegal things like drug use and murder but not that? All those “true crime” channels are all about how to avoid getting caught but you don’t see them being censored. You can even buy all the fake Gold and counterfeit currency you want on a certain very popular Chinese-owned website.

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