Trump Vows to Pardon Jan. 6 Prisoners, Democrats Outraged

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Trump to pardon J6 prisoners, democrats outraged

President Trump has vowed to pardon the Jan. 6 defendants, who he says are political scapegoats, when he resumes office in 2024.

During a speech in Nashville on Friday, Trump said that when he gets back into the White House, pardons would be considered.

“And if I become president someday—if I decide to do it—I will be looking at them very very seriously for pardons,” Trump told the crowd.

“They’ve been treated very unfairly,” Trump declared.

Many of the Jan. 6 defendants, Trump said, had “their lives totally destroyed and [are] being treated worse than terrorists and murderers despite most being charged with parading through the Capitol.” reports: A coalition of Republican lawmakers on Thursday blasted the treatment of Jan. 6 detainees, saying it was akin to that of “political prisoners” in authoritarian countries.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) in a press conference said the detainees are “being used as pawns to dangle in front of [Americans] to show that if you cross a certain line, if you support a certain president—as in President Trump—or if you dare to speak up against the government or … against an election being stolen, you’re going to be used.”

“This is what’s gonna happen to you. You’re gonna spend your days wasting away in solitary confinement,” she said.

According to a June 6 update released by the Department of Justice, more than 840 people have been arrested and charged in connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Of that figure, around 255 have been arrested on charges of assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees, including 90 who have been charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or who have caused serious injury to an officer.

Three individuals have pleaded guilty to the federal charge of seditious conspiracy, the DOJ also said.

“Approximately 246 [of 840] have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors,” the DOJ wrote. “Fifty-nine have pleaded guilty to felonies.”

Despite well-publicized claims to the contrary, no police officers died on Jan. 6, 2021. Officer Brian Sicknick died a day after the incident, and the D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office last year ruled that he died of natural causes from a stroke.

While some Democrat lawmakers and corporate news outlets have continued to push a narrative that the breach was a “deadly insurrection,” the four people who died on Jan. 6 were all apparent Trump supporters who came to the former president’s speech hours before. One of them, U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, was shot by an officer, according to the U.S. Capitol Police Department.

Meanwhile, the House panel investigating the Capitol breach claimed that Trump put former Vice President Mike Pence’s life in mortal danger on Jan. 6, 2021. The committee, which has two Republicans and seven Democrats, alleged that Trump was directly responsible for the breach and that hundreds of interviews with various witnesses prove their case.

There was a Trump-inspired “pressure campaign directly contributed to the attack on the Capitol, and it put the vice president’s life in danger,” a committee aide told reporters this week in a conference call. The third House Jan. 6 hearing was held on Thursday.


  1. Terrorism. Fascist style. Plain and simple Evil corript Injusticeand persecution prosecuted by those who have totally biased agendas.,

    • a simple riot with the right word attacted to it is a HIGH crime.If they had sent in the swat team DOA`s everywhere blood bath so they keep the riot small and contained

  2. kind of like he jailed the Clintons?
    Pardoning crisis actors is not really heroic, if you ask me.

  3. he was still active president and he can`t be charged so it is all a BS showcaseing act bit for votes again and gain and agin tic tic theater

  4. chapter 11&12&13 muti-billionare was`nt stainted or knighted but he was a lighted path to the money train parked in the getto alley of hiphop copy cats and everyone went for that and wam shipped back to mar-largo the white getto of palm beachy peachy keen clean clean ND clean NO sirrrr zero butter whippings or dingle berrys on ice jst GOPPY GOP

  5. As I understand it 8nce they’ve convicted enough of those allowed in, welcomed in bu Pelosis greeting crew, then they can therefore impeach of prosecute trump too So he may well be in jail too.
    And it was just like the alleged French mob as in mafia, who were made up of English mercenaries, men released from prison who were known to be sadistic evil psychopaths.

  6. I literally detested Trump when he was
    the Apprentice person Couldn’t abide him Loathed him actually Insufferable. And when I saw his apartment I thought OK he’s a Monarchists really who worships the French, then when I realised his purchase of Mar aLago which is decorated with priceless antiquities GIFTED by Stalin to the female owner builder of it whilst she was married uo the ambassador to rusdia, I thought somethings very fishy here at the price he paid He should have paid that for the chandeliers from the Catherine Palace and a few other irreplaceable objects d art.
    Anyway then I thought he was good as President and still do, partly because if he hadn’t inherited wealth and had a good perspective on the business world he would have been more like one of the masses really.
    Then when I realised he was educated at Georgetown in thought, OK, they’ve been using him, from behind the scenes and most likely without his knowledge, to dome extent, they’ve had him controlled by everyone around him, to keep him in line. They knew the wall would never get finished and they knew everything else he did could be undone with the strike of a pen And they knew they had the voting system sorted.
    They do have to ABSOLUTELY NEVER get caught They ALWAYS must have scapegoats who agree to play along. Always And they pay them well.
    Isn’t it obvious? It’s not science It’s just kids playing gangs in the school yard.

    • he`s royual a lizard person according to news puke.All of the chapter 11&12&13 wealth came from his grand mammy after his grand daddy went RUPT chapter 12 RUPT to RUPT book COOKER way way backy

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