Twitter BANS Reporter Who Was About to Name and Shame VIP Pedophiles in Maxwell Case

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Twitter bans reporter who was about to name and shame elite pedophiles in Ghislaine Maxwell case

Twitter has banned the most popular Ghislaine Maxwell reporter from its platform, just as the names of VIP pedophiles were about to be named and shamed in court.

The Maxwell Trial Tracker account attracted millions of views since its launch, and has posted detailed updates about the claims raised in the pedophile ring trial against Maxwell, who is accused of trafficking children to Jeffrey Epstein and his elite cronies.

On Wednesday, Twitter suddenly and without warning removed the account:

“I woke up this morning and the @TrackerTrial account on Twitter was suspended. All the other accounts that I have made in the past were also suspended. This was the only note that I received,” the owner of the account posted following the ban.

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Served Up’ Kids for VIP Pedophiles to ‘Hunt and Rape’, Court Hears reports: The Free Press Report revealed that the outlet intends to continue publishing updates on Ghislaine Maxwell on its Substack and on its Gab account, Pelosi Tracker, and promised to continue to cover “all forms of big government and corporate corruption.” The account noted, “We have appealed to Twitter for a possible lift of the suspension, but it is likely we will never hear from them.”Advertisement – story continues below

National File contacted Twitter to ask if the platform maintains that the @TrackerTrial account artificially amplified information about the trial despite Maxwell’s trial receiving worldwide media attention, and did not receive an immediate response.

This latest high profile Twitter ban comes only days after the platform orchestrated a late night purge of right wing Twitter accounts that it still has not explained. Some, however, have pointed out that the latest wave of mass censorship occurred swiftly after the company’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, assumed power.

Immediately after Agrawal assumed the CEO’s chair, the platform made a radically anti-press freedom move when it banned posting images of private individuals from the platform. This is something done routinely by journalists – both of the professional and citizen variety – during breaking news situations.


  1. Shame, but you still have Gettr and rumble and a host of other platforms you can use to get the word out.So don’t let it stop you.

    • Epstein Island a pop cultural propaganda used to take the heat off all of the revelations that were leaking out before it. They set Epstein up to be their fall guy from the beginning when they groomed and recruited him at Dalton.

  2. Because “they “have used the Jews as their scapegoats since Jesus and even before .They set the stages up so if anyone goes down its the Jews not then .

  3. The green laterns were just a cover for tham the frankin case so on over the years nothin ever really goes down as far as showing who they are and what they do.The courts will never put any of the crime lord familys out of bizness as then they would`nt have JOBS

  4. Twitters always stunk. How come everyone didn’t know? What’s wrong with them? There’s something missing in them and I think it’s from their diet including pills drugs alcohol sugar coffee tea and carbonated drinks They should try not partaking of any “popular” substances for a year or 2 and realize how affected they’ve been.

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