UK Health Chief Warns That Getting Flu With Covid Doubles The Risk Of Death

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covid and flu

After vanishing into thin air last year, the flu has decided to make a comeback and will be circulating at the same time as covid this year according to the UK heath Security Agency chief executive Dr Jenny Harries.

The former deputy chief medical officer for England said that the UK is about to experience an “uncertain” winter – with both flu and the coronavirus circulating together for the first time- and is urging people to take both the covid and the flu jabs.

She warns that people who catch the flu and covid at the same time are twice as likely to die than those who only have covid.

She forgot to mention the ‘super cold’ that’s also on its way.

The Guardian reports: Asked how worried the public should be about flu this winter, she told Sky’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday: “We should be worried about flu each winter. I think people still don’t realise it can be a fatal disease.

“But I think the important thing about this winter is, we are likely to see flu, for the first time in any real numbers, co-circulating with Covid. So the risks of catching both together still remain. And if you do that, then early evidence suggests that you are twice as likely to die from having two together than just having Covid alone.

“So I think it’s an uncertain winter ahead – that’s not a prediction, it’s an uncertain feature – but we do know that flu cases have been lower in the previous year so immunity and the strain types are a little more uncertain,” she said.

Harries also warned that the UK could have a multi-strain flu this year, with lowered immunity, as last year’s Covid restrictions meant that levels of the virus were extremely low.

She said that on average, about 11,000 people will die from flu each year. “The difference here is because we have, if you like, skipped a year almost with flu, it’s possible we might see multi-strain flu – we usually get one strain predominating,” she added.

Harries said there are four strains of virus in this year’s flu vaccine, after taking advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and looking to countries in the southern hemisphere, where winter and therefore flu season arrives earlier.

“So we’ve got a pretty good array in our toolbox to try and hit whichever one becomes dominant but it could be more than one this year, and people’s immunity will be lower. So I think the real trick here is to get vaccinated in both Covid and flu, but obviously to continue to do those good hygiene behaviours that we’ve been practising all through Covid”, Harries added.

Harries also said that making children wear masks in school would not be at the top of her list of Covid-safe measures.

“I think the important thing is we should make sure children aren’t in school if they are actually infectious. We’ve got a very good testing programme and we know that at the start of the term we expected to see a surge in cases”, she told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show.


  1. So shouldn’t they be happy about that? Isn’t reducing population their goal? So what’s the deal with the vaccines then? Why aren’t they admitting the vaccines haven’t been tested to the minimum usual sandard and there’s far too many deaths and adverse events to carry on with the vaccination of every living person programme?

  2. We need to beware of flu vaccines now as well. The researchers La Quinta Columna in Spain (orwell DOT city) found graphene oxide in a European flu vaccine all by itself. The elites are trying to get the Black Goo into us any way possible and keep it there, because it turns our bodies into walking antennas for 5G signals.

    • Graphene oxide is toxic for sure. Causes necrosis. But, I do not see how it could possibly turn people into “walking antennas”

      • It responds to electromagnetic signals, and it connects itself to neurons in our brains. The elites plan to use it for mind-control and mood alteration.

    • And it’s usually used to stop people who have had organ transplants from rejecting them naturally as the immune system does to any foreign thing in your body, even dental fillings That leads to autoimmune disease over time But the graphene screws your immune system right up so it doesn’t work as it should. So it makes you vulnerable to all contagious diseases.

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