UK Health Secretary Priti Patel Says We’ll Have To ‘Adapt Our Lives’ In Order To Regain Freedoms

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Priti Patel

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel says that Britons will have to ‘adapt their lives accordingly’ in order to get their freedoms back while living with coronavirus.

According to the Telegraph, Patel said that although restrictions will be eased becasue of the vaccine roll-out, people will have to continue ‘adapting their way of life’ as the virus remains prevalent.

She told Times Radio Breakfast: “Look, I would love to take the mask off – but at the right time”

“We are living with coronavirus and many of us have been saying this across Government, probably for the last 12 months actually, we are living with this virus, we’re in a pandemic.

“I think to look to getting our freedoms back, which of course we all dearly want, we are adapting how we live and that means living with the concept of this pandemic, the virus, and obviously we adapt our lives accordingly.”

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