UN: Second European Migrant Wave Will Cause 28 Million People To Starve

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Second migrant wave in Europe will cause millions to starve

The head of the UN World Food Programme has warned that 28 million people in Europe are set to starve as a result of a second major migrant surge. 

According to David Beasley, the influx of more immigrants into the continent could result in the biggest loss of life in human history.

Nationaleconomicseditorial.com reports: Beasley says there’s a clear link between hunger and migration—and those living in refugee camps in Turkey, and elsewhere, are beginning to stave.  If Europe does not adequately address the situation abroad, the people will likely migrate to Europe:

We paid a heavy price for this mistake and I’m afraid we’re about to make it once again.  If they don’t have enough food, they will leave.  And many of them would go to Europe.

Furthermore, the food crisis is not limited to refugee camps.  Beasley admonishes us that endemic conflict in the Middle East, from Iraq to Yemen, is also causing severe shortages.  All this is a recipe for chaos.

The objective evidence lends credence to Beasley’s assertion.  For example, a relatively recent World Food Programme report found that 108 million people in the world currently face severe food insecurity.  This is a dramatic increase from 2015, when the number was just 80 million people.  This instability is caused by increased regional conflict, high prices on international markets, and weather anomalies.

Likewise, some 149,000 people sought asylum in the EU in the second quarter of 2017, according to Eurostat.  Of those, 80 percent were first-time applicants.

Potential Impacts of A Second Migrant Surge in Europe

A second migrant wave would be devastating to the EU—whose political and economic integrity has been significantly impugned by the first, and ongoing, migrant crisis.

The country of Sweden, for example, is being completely overwhelmed.  Although the nation only accpted 318,000 migrants, the nation spends nearly 20 percent of its national tax revenue on migrants.

And Sweden is not alone: in Austria migrants collect 90 percent of the nation’s welfare spending.  Meanwhile, Denmark spends 59 percent of its total tax surplus on non-Western immigrants (of which migrants are a sub-set).

Moving beyond economics, migrants have greatly increased crime rates throughout the continent.  A recent report from Sweden found that migrants were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all violent rapes in the nation last year.  In Germany, migrant crimes increased by over 50 percent last year—the situation was bad, and it’s only become worse due to the ethno-religious fragmentation.

And of course, we cannot forget the omnipresent specter of terrorism: Jihadis use the migrant routes to smuggle soldiers and weapons into Europe.  The Swedish government claims that “thousands” of Jihadis have entered the nation in this way.

Meanwhile in Britain some 35,000 Jihadis have entered the country, according to the EU’s terror chief.

It is likely that a second migrant wave will compound Europe’s problems with welfare abuse, crime, and terrorism.

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