New UN Pact Will Make It Illegal To Criticize Open Borders

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New UN global pact will make it illegal to criticize open borders

The United Nations global compact on migration will make it a criminal offense, punishable by prison, for citizens and media outlets to criticize open borders and mass immigration. 

According to MEP Marcel de Graaff, Co-President of the ENF and leader of the Party for Freedom in the European Parliament, the deal represents “a coup d’etat of pro-migration liberal globalists, which will greatly benefit multinationals.”

Speaking at a press conference in the European Parliament, de Graaff warned: “One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech. The agreement wants to criminalize migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offense. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down.” reports: “In fact, it will become impossible to criticize Merkel’s welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech,” he added, noting, “Countries who import the third world will become the third world.”

The MEP also pointed to the rise in rapes and violent attacks that have been recorded in numerous western countries since the mass migration of millions of people from mainly Islamic countries since 2015.

The UN’s global compact on migration is not legally binding, but governments will be under pressure to follow its dictates.

Hungary’s populist government has warned that the deal would establish a “human right to find a new place around the globe”.

Australia became the latest country to publicly announce it will refuse to sign the pact, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison asserting the deal would, “undermine Australia’s strong border protection laws and practices” and encourage illegal immigration.

He added that the pact does nothing to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants with respect to the provision of welfare and benefits.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also said he will refuse to sign the deal. The United States pulled out of the compact last year, asserting that border powers should remain under the control of sovereign nations. The Swiss government has also indicated it will not sign up to the pact, as have Austria and Hungary.


  1. The UN has no borders because they have no territory. It was set up as a diplomatic bargaining table to settle disputed between countries not try to rule the world. Time to withdraw from the UN and kick them out of NYC.

  2. Time to Buy more Guns Hide has not what you have. Buy them for your kids and grandKids if you want them to live in a free Country..

  3. The UN is only a genocide lie away from being equal to Hitler.
    The UN now serves no purpose other than favouring pedophile 3rd world sub human muzzrats and niggers at the expense of civilzed humans.

  4. Open borders and sanctuary………..a perfect way to traffic children no one will miss.

    Why was UN rep Peter Dalglish arrested ????

  5. Screw the UN and the EU, both of those organizations are what’s wrong with this world. Who in the hell ever gave the UN the power to make enforceable laws? What ever happened to the UN that was setup as a way of settling disputes between countries without conflicts. They better not try to peddle and enforce those BS laws to the US or me. They won’t like my answer. By the way – OPEN BORDERS DON”T WORK!!!! Time to scrap the UN and start over.

  6. the UN needs to make sucking the farts out of dead chickens their highest priority (to prevent global warming of course) it would be their most noble cause since their beginning

  7. Seems a war is brewing between the idiotic MOSLEM ideologists being the UN and the rest of the sane world. Bring it on retards.

    • Yeah I agree. But the Elites are using Muslims to subdue the West. That way we are too occupied with fighting with Muslims than going after the ones who brought this upon us. The globalists/NWO gangsters.

  8. My Jesus God, what is going on? Maybe the ‘idea’ of a U.N. was one of good intent (or maybe it never was), but now that ‘idea’ is growing into a monstrous worldwide dictatorship! This will only lead to MASS persecutions! Cannot smother human FREE WILL and NOT expect dire consequences in return, for ‘both’ sides. This communist,extremist control freak idealism is EXTREMELY dangerous for ALL, this CANNOT be allowed to continue! SNUFF THEM OUT!

  9. All free-willed-minded, patriotic nations should create their OWN U.N. The’ United Freedom Nations’ (UFN)! Or something of the like.

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