US Tells Greece To Close Airspace to Russian Aid for Syria

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A Diplomatic source has confirmed Greece rejected the request to close airspace to Syria-bound Russian aid flights


The Greek Foreign Ministry has confirmed a request from Washington asking that Russia be denied use of Greek airspace for humanitarian aid flights to Syria.

A diplomatic source in Athens told RIA Novosti on Sunday that Greece had refused to close its airspace to Russian planes carrying aid to Syria.

On Saturday, U.S. Embassy [in Athens] appealed to the Greek government with a request to prohibit the flights of Russian aircraft in the FIR Athens. The Greek government refused to do so, in order not to worsen relations with Russia,” an anonymous Greek diplomat told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

The RIA source added that Russia had requested to use Greek airspace for humanitarian flights to Syria, September 1-24. Athens have reportedly agreed.

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