Vaccines, Environmental Toxins & Government: Lies & Deceit = the Standard NOT the Exception

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‘As many more people wake up to the fraud of vaccine safety and efficacy or the mandates of environmental protection from bio-toxins, they start down their own path of research, many finding a total lack of faith in both. What they are also finding out is the total lack of responsibility and compassion that is supposed to be inherent in our government agencies whose mission is to protect the health of the public … actually being guilty of blatantly betraying their mandate!

We also find such agencies at odds with each other with respect to safety standards set on certain components found in vaccines or the local environment such as mercury, lead and aluminum. Whereas the EPA has set a specific standard for both Mercury or Aluminum, stating anything exceeding this is a toxic level, the CDC recommends vaccinations containing these very substances in magnitudes above these set levels … and not only recommends them to the general public but stops just short of mandating them to infants and pregnant mothers.’

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