Vice News, Feb 2020: ‘Anti-Vaxxers Terrified Govt Will Enforce Mandatory Jabs’

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Looks like the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right once again.

Vice mocked anti-vaxxers in 2020 for worrying about mandatory vaccines

It looks like the “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right, yet again.

Per VICE News (Archive):

Anti-Vaxxers Are Terrified the Government Will ‘Enforce’ a Vaccine for Coronavirus

Anti-vax groups on social media are claiming that the spread of the disease will lead to mandatory vaccinations and ‘unlimited surveillance.’

By Anna Merlan
February 28, 2020, 9:00am

The rapid spread of coronavirus is beginning to look a lot like a pandemic, and besides its often deadly effects on human health, it’s also having a serious effect on the global economy, raising the prospect that everyday life could be disrupted all over the world. But anti-vaccine corners of the internet are worried about something else: that the government might develop–or even “enforce”–a coronavirus vaccine.

For most people, the news that a vaccine had been developed against the disease would come as a relief, but for anti-vaxxers it ties together two things. The first is, naturally, an overwhelming fear and distrust of vaccines; the second is a terrified certainty that some day the government will find a convenient excuse to enforce Orwellian degrees of control.

[…] [Larry Cook, the founder of the massive anti-vaccine Facebook page Stop Mandatory Vaccination] is one of the biggest single sources of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media, and the coronavirus has made him busy. Besides sharing other people’s rumors and false speculation virtually nonstop, he’s also creating his own, opining on Thursday that Someone wants to shut down information spread through social media to ensure “an agenda is played out,” in this case “lots of deaths from a pandemic.”

Cook is also resharing old rumor-mongering posts from Stop Mandatory Vaccination, lightly updated for the coronavirus crisis–for instance, claiming that the CDC will impose “indefinite detainment, forced vaccination and unlimited surveillance.”

“Make no mistake, the purpose of the Coronavirus is to help usher in vaccine mandates,” Cook wrote in yet another post. “Be Woke. Know the Plan. Prepare. Resist.” reports: Larry Cook’s “massive” Facebook page Stop Mandatory Vaccination has since been banned.

Del Bigtree and Press For Truth, who were both cited in the piece, have also both since been banned.

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