Video: A Female Hitler Survivor’s WARNING TO AMERICA – “Please Hear Me”

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This is pretty deep stuff.  A woman named Kitty Worthman has given a testimony on her experiences with Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and Hitler to current day America.  It’s a chilling video confession, but I HIGHLY recommend you watch!

In the article by reporter Josey Wales entitled, “Confessions Of A Female Hitler Survivor, My Warning To America, Please Hear Me (Video)” [1].  If I were you, I would share this far and wide!

she says:

Katie Worthman gives her testimony as to the similarities between the rise of Hitler Germany and the America she lives in today.

Katie shares how the media was used to serve Hitlers rise to power and how it is similar to how America is being controlled today.

Nationalizing the public school system is a huge part of the indoctrination process (Common Core), watch this video Testimony and learn what Nationalized Schools, Nationalized Healthcare means for America.

Part of the secret of taking over a country is to drive a wedge between the parents and their children, sound familiar?

At 10 minutes into the video you will see the results of the American peoples passiveness.

At 12:45 into this video the narrator describes common core principles, can you understand this relationship?

At 20:00 minutes into this confession you will hear the key to the master plan. Nationalized health care and how it works. This is the most important part of this testimony.

Is president Obama the Disciple of Adolph Hitler? As I watched this women speak, a chill ran down my spine.

Please Look beyond Obama’s words and glittering speeches and look at the ONE thing that will accurately answer this question… His ACTIONS!

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