VIDEO: Filmmaker Explains Why The Moon Landing “Couldn’t Possibly” Be Fake

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Decades after the U.S. landed on the moon, many people still debate whether or not the moon landing was real.  While skeptics point to the video footage as evidence – plenty of conspiracies rage on about the legitimacy of the moon mission.  From Stanley Kubrick having directed the whole “film” of the landing to Russia claiming they want an investigation as to whether we ever actually landed on the moon, people are fascinated by the idea that our journey to the moon was faked.

But what about the other side of the story?  As interesting as it is to read the different theories about how or why the moon landings were faked, there is compelling evidence that has also debunked those theories.  Many have tried tirelessly to debunk the theories, from Buzz Aldrin himself punching “lunar truther” Burt Sibel to the tireless work of the people at Moon Base Clavius.

Popular Mechanics last month wrote about their “favorite” film that debunks the conspiracy theories:  But one of our favorites has to be this short film from S.G. Collins, posted back in 2012 and making the rounds once again this week. Collins, a filmmaker himself, does a very good job of laying out a simple truth: In 1969, America had the technology to strap three men to a rocket and then land them on the lunar surface. What America didn’t have was the filmmaking technology to convincingly fake that event. As Collins put it, “people forget how primitive video technology was.”

The Moon Landing: It all comes down to the video tech?

It’s a 13-minute watch, but Collins has a kind of Deputy Dog deadpan thing going on that makes it surprisingly watchable. The good tech bits begin around the 4 minute mark, but all of it is worth watching—particularly if you ever want to shoot down a lunar truther in your own life (and, unlike Buzz Aldrin, you don’t want let your fists do the talking):

So, what do you think?  Is this just an attempt to debunk the debunkers?  Do you believe the moon landing was real or was it faked?  Let us know in the comments below!


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