VIP Elite Panic After REAL Epstein List Leaked on Dark Web

Fact checked
If you are following the mainstream news coverage of court cases and expecting them to release real information about Epstein's VIP elite clients, you are wasting your time.

The life and supposed death of Jeffrey Epstein has been one of great controversy, and for good reason – the implications of the allegations are huge. They threaten to shatter our illusions of powerful people including Presidents, high ranking politicians and those trusted to run our companies and countries. These people would be, under the definitions of our systems, criminals committing heinous and unforgivable crimes against humanity.

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the elite are heavily into pedophilia and satanism. They all have the dirt on each other and will do anything to protect those within their ranks.  

But if you are following the mainstream news coverage of court cases and expecting them to release real information about Epstein’s VIP elite clients, you are wasting your time. The mainstream media will never release this information. It would end their world as they know it. The entire corrupt system would be destroyed from the inside.

But the information will come out. We just have to keep looking in the right places. And when the information comes out, we cannot forgive and forget.

What do we know so far? We know that Jeffrey Epstein was close friend of former president Bill Clinton and best friend of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, Prince Andrew. These two reprobates were so desperate to spend as much time as possible with Epstein that they left a trail of evidence that fact checkers, who are experts in making scandals go away for the elite, haven’t been able to cover up the evidence.

Hunter Biden, son of Creepy Joe Biden, is another reprobate who has left a trail of evidence about his predilections, mostly involving crack cocaine, prostitution and incest. But the media is engaged in a huge cover up when it comes to the extent of the darkness on Hunter’s laptop from hell.

After Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were leaked before the last election, internet sleuths discovered evidence of yet more pizza-related pedophile “code words” being used in emails which reference both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

In 2016, exclusively broke the story of how pedophile code words were used in email exchanges, leaked by Wikileaks, between Hillary Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta.

Now it seems Hunter Biden was also involved in the scandal. In an email (archived here) dated 30th March, 2016, Hunter’s business partner Eric Scherwin sent him an invite to a pizza party involving Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong.

The email had the subject line “Putala for Hillary”. Interestingly Putala means “an effigy of sin.”

But Hunter Biden, the Clintons and Prince Andrew are just the tip of a giant iceberg big enough to sink the entire corrupt system controlled by the global elite.

Epstein’s exploits are currently the subject of an extreme cover up by the courts and the powers that be, however we know for a fact that, like Jimmy Savile, Epstein was a supplier of children to the HIGHEST of high society in the US and Europe, with Presidents, CEOs, and Royalty all involved in his elite pedophile ring.

Questions have been raised about Bill Clinton’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s elite pedophile ring operation after leaked visitor logs reveal that Epstein visited the White House at least 17 times during his presidency.

Epstein – who with his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, trafficked children to be raped by politicians, businessmen and royalty – visited Bill Clinton at the Executive Mansion over the course of three years. The Clintons didn’t waste any time bringing Epstein into the inner sanctum. The first invitation came just one month after Clinton’s inauguration in January 1993.

Talk about priorities.

The logs show Epstein showing up on 14 separate days, even making two mysterious visits in a single day on three different occasions.

The disclosure puts renewed scrutiny on Clinton’s friendship with Epstein, who was known to have flown the former president on his private jet – known as the ‘Lolita Express’ – dozens of times after he left office, with those close to Epstein issuing horrific reports of Clinton’s behavior on these trips.

So is there any truth to the allegations? Mainstream media has been operating as a branch of the Democrat Party’s PR department for years now, so there is no point listening to them about anything. But there was a time in the past when the occasional nugget of truth would be allowed to slip out between the wall-to-wall propaganda.

Take, for instance, this NBC news report that Hillary Clinton, while she was Obama’s secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in the State Department. According to the report presented by Chuck Todd, Clinton shut down the investigation in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high ranking officials.

NBC even provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of the Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

The NBC News report is disturbing enough, but what happened after NBC broadcast news of the Clinton “cover up” is perhaps even more disturbing.

The network deleted the footage and social media networks blacklisted the video from their platforms. Chuck Todd, who presented the report, has refused thousands of requests for comment. Nobody at NBC or the mainstream media wants to acknowledge the report even went to air.

And it gets even worse. Fact checkers including Politifact and and have been employed to deny the undeniable, claiming as one that NBC did not report that Hillary Clinton “covered up” evidence of a pedophile ring in the State Department.

Breathtaking. And the fact check from is even more shameless. Claiming that NBC did not say Hillary Clinton was involved in the cover up. Shameless.

How convenient for Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile clients that the powers that be continue to protect them from scrutiny. In future generations, Prince Andrew’s close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein will probably be airbrushed from history by Big Media, with those who remember the facts derided as conspiracy loons.

Unfortunately for the fact checkers, there are plenty of real, living people in the world who won’t forget or forgive.

The fact is child predators disguised as political leaders and philanthropic organizations are coming for our children and mainstream media — and fact checkers — are covering up their crimes.

How far are you willing to let them go before you draw a line in the sand and say, “this far, no further!”?

But make no mistake, attempting to expose the elite and their evil agenda is a dangerous game. Take the story of FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, for example.

FBI Directors in recent times have been establishment figures who go to great lengths to protect the elite and suppress the truth. Think about James Comey, who twisted himself in knots to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution, and Robert Mueller and his “Russian collusion” witch hunt.

So it probably comes as a great surprise to learn that FBI chiefs weren’t always Deep State goons.

What if I told you there was an FBI chief who, before his death in 2011, blew the whistle on Satanism in the CIA, the Illuminati, elite pedophile rings, and more, and who took his message directly to the people – before he was cruelly cut down before his time?

Meet Ted Gunderson, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI.

Gunderson is the OG of elite pedophile ring whistleblowers. He was instrumental in exposing the Franklin Cover-Up, involving government drug smuggling, money laundering, child kidnapping and recruiting young boys from orphanages in the Midwest for sex with U.S. Congressmen.

After his decorated career with the bureau, Gunderson retired and began giving presentations across the country, speaking directly to the people. This is when things became really interesting.

These mind-blowing presentations introduced thousands of people to the reality of what was going on behind the scenes in the corridors of power. The former FBI chief is responsible for opening thousands of minds, educating ordinary people about false flag terrorism, satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra mind control and chemtrails.

Unsurprisingly, Gunderson died suddenly and unexpectedly not long after he began blowing the whistle on the darkest secrets of the elite. There are many people close to Gunderson who say he was killed by the elite to shut him up.

Isaac Kappy, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Avicii and Anthony Bourdain were all high-profile figures who vowed to expose powerful entertainment industry pedophile rings. They all suffered the same fate as Gunderson, cut down before their time.

More recently Anne Heche, who was working on a film exposing Hollywood child trafficking, was killed in a bizarre car accident that has left investigators baffled. Likewise, Coolio, who passed away just last year, had recently gone on record declaring that pedophiles control the entertainment industry, and he considered it his duty to kill them.

As Jefferson said, all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. Let me be the first to comment and Remind ALL of you freaks, you deserve real Justice and you know deep down inside it is Coming. The Weapons you formed against us are going to finish you.

    • Hillary tried to steal the Russian elections for her comrades in the Russian Communist Party through non-profit NGOs . . . just like at home in America… But Vladimir Putin defeated her, so she launched a fággot jihad against the Russian Orthodox church over the punk rock band and the Olympics… And while Leon Puñettas (sic) was busy with gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon, three Navy Seals and a U.S. ambassador were murdered, all because everyone was being so fúcking gay.

      • Homosexuals are usually smarter than the average sinful abominations of hypocritical heterosexual sinners. Ignorant and deceived as they are by their trusted authorities into their smug murderous arrogant prideful hateful self condemnation.

    • There is a lot of hot air surrounding this. Former “it girl” Lady Victoria Hervey, who was a friend of Maxwell’s and later Andrew’s squeeze, has said she attended some of Epstein’s parties and saw nothing that would have led her to believe that anything was out of line. She also was acquainted with Virginia Roberts and some of the other girls. She was surprised at the allegations made against Maxwell and what was presented at her trial. To her, a model, she was used to being at parties where there were a lot of young women and older men, and Epstein’s were no different. She has called Roberts a con artist, and that several of the girls told her (Hervey) after the whole thing blew up, that it was Roberts who recruited them, which is why Roberts was not a witness for the case against Maxwell.

      I have said from the beginning of this shit show, that lists mean nothing. When I was working, I had “lists” of contacts for work purposes, including politicians. I have have had a home Rolodex for over 30 years of friends and family. Lists in and of themselves mean eff all. I have little doubt that Epstein and Maxwell were up to no good. What that was exactly, we will never know, because the official government narrative has been taken up by the MSM, which means its bullshit. The perversion of justice surrounding the pre-trial incarceration of Epstein and Maxwell along with the gong show of Maxwell’s trial, proves that the government wants the real story buried.

  2. List???

    Anyway, thank you News Punch for reminding my of the sickening nature of the people who say are going to ‘save us’ but do not for they are from the synagoge of the saten.

    Kudos to TPV for bringing all evidence available for the ones with eyes to see.

  3. When you are a christian, and love God and do his will on earth, for others, do good, for God. Also you do no evil, no harm to other life, just benefit to others, then you become more good and more angels use you and protect you, and your souls is more full of light and Love: you are on your way to Heaven, you do not fear death, but see it as the best thing possible: to be united with God after death.
    You must understand it is just the opposite for the “elite”, the satan worshipers who HATE God and have no soul, just dark spirits. They are desperate to not die because they know they are going straight to eternal Hell. That is why they do all that the demons that control them, tell them to do, and seek to extend their life on earth, by being useful here on earth by Lucifer, working towards Lucifer’s goal of replacing God with himself.
    That is why the torture Children and drink their blood. It is a satanic ritual that like all satanic rituals “gives them power”. What that means is they become more possessed by demonic entities, from Hell with every satanic ritual they do. The adrenochrome keeps them alive here on earth as vessels for Lucifer and Satan to use to reach their Antichrist goals. When they do the child sacrifice (hell on earth for children) satanic rituals they become more ugly and evil looking as more demons live in them and through them on earth. It is their way of preserving their time here, before they go to eternal Hell. It is desperation. The more old and ugly these elites are: the more the satanic rituals they have done and the more demons that (legions) possess them. When possessed by these demons they do have more physical strength and power from the demonic possession, and the demons do what is done in Hell here on earth: to innocent Children. Recreating the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    It was the crucifixion that brought the devil back to earth, when he convinced some of the jews (a single tribe) to have Jesus arrested and killed, and in return they would have all the money and power and wealth of the earth: which is now the NWO. Satan went first to Jesus in the desert, and offered him the same deal, as it says in the Bible, he refused the devil. But the jews who cried out “His blood be on our hands and our children’s took the devil up on his offer: including Judas. They still generation after generation, have no souls, and are born with demons rather than guardian angels, and have nothing of God in them, no love and no souls. They worship satan, they always have. They run the Banking system and now infiltrated the Royals, and replaced them all with their own kind, they run the Vatican too now and they sacrifice children and babies in the Vatican, they practice Satanism in the Vatican and all popes since 1958, have been descendants of that tribe.
    They continue to be more evil and demonic in an attempt to stall their deaths, and their only afterlife, is always no matter how good, kind or Pius they may try to be, Hell, they have no relationship with God or his love and never will.
    That is why they HATE so very much the children of God who do have souls: the gentiles, and the only babies and children they sacrifice are gentile children.
    You have to pity them, they are cursed, and their blood is still on their hands, and they would kill Christ again if he returned and say so all the time. They FEAR death, more than you could ever believe. When they die, they go screaming in terror for what comes for them.
    The Queen did not die a peaceful death. Every word from their mouths are LIES and the exact opposite of what they tell you is the actual TRUTH.
    Killing Billions of gentiles in ww3, is just their way to bide their time.

    • Re “Satan”

      There is no need (but heaps of popular WANT) to use fabricated ABSTRACT OTHERWORLDLY notions such as “satan” or “the devil” or “lucifer” to explain evilness on earth. There is no mystery of evil. There’s only a lack of knowledge, true understanding, and denial of reality. Evil on earth, which DOES exist abundantly, is explained coherently by EARTH-BOUND true reality, by GENUINELY acknowledging the 2 married pink elephants in the room… w w w . covidtruthbeknown . c o m (again, there’s no need, only want, for OTHERwordly mysterious mythical concepts).

      Fantasies have only ever distracted GENUINE truth-seekers from the true evil and so religions (fantasies) have been helping to MAINTAIN evil on earth for thousands of years… The cited article above explains how this has come about, and continues…

      Without the right understanding, and whole acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity. And if you do NOT acknowledge and recognize the WHOLE truth YOU are helping to prevent this from happening..

      “Separate what you know from what you THINK you know.” — Unknown

  4. If it helps any – could we look into those child beauty pageants (remember Jon-Benet Ramsey) and see if they have ties?

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