Twitter Bans Campaign Account Of Pennsylvania Senator Who Organized Election Integrity Hearing

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Pennsylvania senator

Twitter has banned the campaign account of Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who organized Wednesday’s election integrity hearing.

Senator Mastriano of Pennsylvania’s 33rd District, organized and chaired the hearing in the state’s Senate, which featured a surprise call in testimony from President Trump.

Gateway Pundit reports: Mastriano’s ban was first noticed by One America News reporter Jack Posobiec and reported by the National File.

“We move heaven and earth with American dollars to secure elections in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. We can’t do it in our own state?” Mastriano said during the hearing. “There’s people in Pennsylvania not interested in safe, secure elections.”

It is currently unclear what excuse Twitter has used for the blatantly political censorship.


  1. Because I was in my native gullible younger says an avowed democrat I after waking ip ,never ever joined twitter ,not even ,when to my astonishment President Trump used it I never understood how he could have been so unsuspecting but innocence in certain areas is something most people do carry with them throughout life to varying degrees .Many are never fortunate to be trusted by them ,just because of image ,at so young an age as I was and most go through their whole life never ever seeing or being shown the things I was at about 19 .Since then I’ve had decades to observe their machinations deceits disguises lies their surreptitious criminality thoroughly permeated through every community they control globally .How well they madk their face of treachery behind their image of bon Ami. Thet will be sending thei r friends around to rob your house ,using keys yo enter, whilst chatting with you to keep you busy ,as if your best friend That’s typical them And most people never realize either Think they ” misplaced ” that item .ETCETERA ETCETERA

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