Asda Cyber Security Left Personal Details Exposed To Hackers

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Cyber Security

If you shop online with Asda supermarket then a cyber security flaw might have left your personal details exposed to hackers looking to steal your identity and bank details.

Trusted Reviews reports:

A vulnerability on Asda’s website left countless customers’ personal data exposed.

The flaw was spotted by security expert Paul Moore, who says that because Asda currently processes north of 200,000 online orders each week, over 19 million transactions could have been at risk.

Moore says he first spotted the problem as far back as March 2014, and let Walmart-owned Asda know about the issue.

He outlines the problem in a YouTube video below:

Paul Moore YouTube video:

At the time of posting the video, Moore said: “677 days after notifying Asda of several serious security flaws, they’re yet to deploy a fix.”

In response to the relevation, Asda told the BBC: “Asda and Walmart take the security of our websites very seriously. We are aware of the issue and have implemented changes to improve the security on our website.”

It continued: “The points flagged pose a low risk to customers and our monitoring of these security issues indicate that no customer information has been compromised over that two-year period.”

The firm added: “The small risk to customer information has been removed and an update has been applied, we’re now adding further enhancements which will be completed by this evening. In short, one of the two issues is fixed but nothing that remains poses any risk to any customer information or card details.”

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